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    What Makes a Good Writer?

    A good writer is the one who is focused on the topic and generates some valuable information out of the given situation. There are many qualities which make a writer good. The ability to stay focused is one of them. Some other qualities include relevancy of data, accuracy of data, conveying his/her point of view to the readers in an understandable way, removes weaknesses in writing and most importantly keep writing.

    Stay focus on the topic:
    There is a saying that, “being a good writer is 3% talent and 97% not distracted by anything”. If someone wants to be a good writer, he/she must have the ability to stay focused. Staying focused is not difficult. If you want to remain focused, you must reason against situations. Retain your focus by not listening to what is happening outside. Just remember when you write, you just write nothing else. A Good writer has concerns of the outer world when is not writing; he makes contacts with people and he also gains knowledge of topics, situations on daily basis.

    Relevancy of the data:

    Relevancy means that the data provides information related to the particular topic. The ability to say anything and then combining that information with some other information to relate it to the topic is an art and good writers surely have that ability. The Data is relevant when it provides information on the subject.

    Accuracy of the data:

    The writer should make sure to write what he has complete knowledge of. An author should not write anything that he is making assumptions of. The data provided should be accurate so that the reader is impressed and will read you again. But it is not the case every time, sometimes; the writer can also build on rumours.

    Write in an understandable way:

    A good writer conveys or writes in a way that is understandable by the readers. It doesn’t matter whether you use comprehensive words or simple words, just use words that will ease the understanding. Words that cloud understanding should be avoided. A good writer is also a storyteller, and it means he/she knows how to tell a story that will catch the attention of the readers. A writer cannot be good unless he shares everything he knows even the most difficult points.

    Removes weaknesses in writing:

    Good writers build on their mistakes. They don’t make the same mistake twice. They learn from mistakes and try to eliminate them. If a writer thinks that his vocabulary is limited, he should use simple words and not difficult ones. But he should learn new and difficult words to increase his vocabulary and to remove weaknesses in his writing.

    Keep Writing:

    We all know the phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect”. The same is the case here; every good writer once was not a good writer. What made him good was his passion for writing and the ability never to quit. A good writer never quits and keeps writing unless he succeeds.

    Written by Usman Shahid

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