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    Benifits Of Modern Technology

    This is the era of science and technology. This vast world has been canged into a global village because of modern technology and it has been rightly said that technology influence our every move.
    Modern day technology has completely changed the human life. Technology has made our lives comfortable and easy than before. In this busy world we cannot imagine our life without a mobile, computer and a car or any other thing that helps us to communicate with one another.
    Looking in the past we can see that how far we have come today. Now can anyone imagine their life without electricity? a mobile phone, with the help of which we can talk to our loved one's anywhere at anytime? the answer is no because technology has made our lives very comfortable and we have shaped our lives according to its comfort.
    Now we will discuss some benifits of modern technology in main industries:

    • Convenience in communication:
    modern technology has made so much convenience in the industry of communication. In the past people communicated witjh the help of exchanging letters but then letters were replaced by telephones and now telophones are replaced by mobile phone. Now with a single tap we can call anyone we want to talk with. With the help of internet we cam convey our messages in seconds without any wastage of time. We can socialize on facebook, Twitter etc.
    When we need to contact our employee on the field we can text a message or e-mail his smart phone or tablet both simple and complex information, rather than he being forced to wait until he arrives back at our facility to receive it. We can have live video calls with people in multipke countries using simple webcams and a tele conference service. Using social media we can buy and sell goods at any hour online.

    • Convenience In Travelling:
    Transportation technology makes it very simple to travel long distances. Transport is very important both in our life and in the buisness world. Transportation technology has evolved with years. In the past it used to be slow and expensive to travel long distances.
    Now a days we can cover a 10 miles distance within a few minutes or hours using electric trains or airplanes.

    • Convenience in learning:
    learning is a part of our daily life. modern technology has made learning easy for students. Now we can learn anywhere through online education.
    Modern technology is also used by students in their classroom to learn better. For example:- students use ipads to share visual lessons. this has made learning easy and fun.

    •Convenience in health industry:
    Now a days most hospitals have implemented modern technology in surgery rooms. This reduces mistakes made by doctor. human can easily make mistakes because of work overload and stress factors. Today we can easily monitor our health and weight.

    Scientists have made impossible tasks possible. superstitions and false notions predominate in many areas of our social and economic life. Science and technology must go deep within our social system and bring a positive change in our attitude towards life.

    Sample Article Submitted by Tasneem Jameel

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