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    Education in Pakistan: Problems and Solutions

    Education means learning new things and every person has an equal right to learn. As Muslims, we should educate ourselves because our Holy Prophet said, “Get educated even if you have to go to china for that”. Education is necessary for many reasons like an educated person can distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. Education can be served as a backbone for the progress of a country. Not only that, education also plays a vital role in making citizens more and more responsible.

    Education System in Pakistan:

    The education system includes all the institutions which are involved in delivering formal education like schools, colleges, universities, academies and madrassa’s. The education system also includes faculty, and students of these institutions and the regulatory boards which regulate and control these institutions. The educational institutions can be public or private. In Pakistan, around 60% of registered institutions are of public sector and the remaining 40% are of private sector. Education system in Pakistan is facing many problems due to negligence of Govt. and govt. officials. Some of these problems and their solutions are discussed below:


    Education is facing following problems in Pakistan:

    Unequal Education:
    The education system in Pakistan comprises of both public and private sector institutions. The private sector is given more preference in Pakistan because of the quality of education delivered there. This creates an inferiority complex in the students of public sector.This problem is mainly because of negligence of Govt. of Pakistan.

    Insufficient Funds:
    Govt. of Pakistan is not serious in solving problems of education. The funds allocated for the education are only 2% of the total GDP which is not enough. It should be around 4% so that the quality of education can be improved.

    Untrained faculty:
    The teaching faculty in both public and private sector is untrained. The public sector still has some conditions that need to be fulfilled to get job as a teacher but some private sector schools have no merit and anyone who has passed intermediate can be a teacher there. This affects the quality of education in the country.

    Pakistan is a country where most of the people are living under the poverty line. Due to poverty, most of the people don’t send their children to schools. This causes uneducated society and unemployment.

    Regional differences:
    The quality of education is different in every state of Pakistan. The educational institutions in Baluchistan are not as good as that of Punjab. This causes educational inequality. Due to this, mostly MNC’s and other govt. institutions prefer graduates of Punjab and Sindh causing unemployment in KPK and Baluchistan.


    The problems in education of Pakistan are not that big which cannot be solved. These problems can be solved easily by proper attention of Pakistan Govt. and Govt. officials. Govt. should allocate more funds to education to ensure that the public sector organisations provide quality education to their students. This would build confidence in the students and will also minimise inferiority complex. The education inequality can be minimized by equipping Public sector institutions with the modern techniques of teaching including multimedia.

    CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has taken initiative on training teaching faculties of public sector institutions but the private sector’s teaching faculty is still untrained. Govt. should make this obligatory for the private schools and colleges to train their teaching faculty. Regional differences can also be minimised by taking proper initiatives like hiring qualified faculty in the KPK and Baluchistan. And training should also be given to the faculty before they can start teaching. To control poverty factor, Govt. should make education free for the poor.

    If the govt. takes these initiatives, illiteracy can be minimized. Education is the pillar of a successful nation and Govt. of Pakistan should realize this fact now and should take these initiatives to improve education in Pakistan.

    Article Posted by Mr. Muneeb for YOPakistan Visitors.

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