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    raminaesilva: THE VISITOR

    Tap, tap, tap, tap.
    -“Who is it?”
    - “Grim Reaper, The Angel of Death.”
    - “What do you want?”
    - “You.”

    - “It is too early. I`m so young. I`m not sick. What is the point of taking me?”
    - “Your time is due. You all have a validity time. Yours is over.”
    - “What is going to happen? Where are you going to take me? “
    - “To the land of nowhere.”
    - “Where is it?”
    - “I told you. Nowhere.”
    - “ Will I go to Heaven? Will I be happy?”
    - “No. There`s no Heaven. There`s no happiness.”
    - “So I am going to suffer in Hell?”
    - “No, there`s no Hell and no suffering.”

    - “ So?”
    - “So, since now you are, after your death you will not be. When you are not there are no feelings of any kind. You just don`t exist. You are NOT. Remember the phrase from Shakespeare:- To be or not to be, that`s the question?”
    - “I prefer to beer or not to beer, that`s the ingestion.”
    - “Heheheh, good sense of humor, but that doesn't avoid you from following me just now. Hurry up”.

    - “I cannot understand. What about religions, beliefs, everything that gives meaning to our lives? If you don`t believe, life becomes a frustration. There must be some reason for our existence. What`s the point of learning, growing, raising your children? What is the point of loving? What is the point if everything comes to nothing? Is God a Monster that puts hope in the heart of His children and then gives them nothing? Remember the Biblical phrase, “If your child asks for a loaf of bread you don´t have the guts to give your child a stone. Much more your God that lives in Heaven.” “?

    - “That`s bullshit. Creation of humankind. The Great Architect of the Universe is absolute. And you are relative. How can the relative define the absolute? You cannot even say that God is good or bad. You only can say that God is. Period. Not only you, but the entire humanity. The knowledge is relative and the ignorance infinite. The knowledge of the entire humanity is relative end the ignorance infinite. Can your understand that? All the religions of the earth go on the same way like the Indians that, because they didn't understand the thunder and lighting , considered both natural phenomenon as manifestations from the Gods. When you cannot understand you look for an explanation that is always wrong because you don`t have absolute knowledge to define anything. You will be always wandering. Forever. Until your little existence finishes. ”

    - But…wait a moment…“It`s written:- “You`ll know the truth and the knowledge of the truth will set you free” , When will we know the truth?”
    - “Never. Since the humanity is relative, you`ll never, ever, know the truth. You are all soap bubbles. Some bigger, some with more color, some endure a little more or less, but, all of you, are no more than soap bubbles. A few moments from now, ploft, it is over, your are no more.”
    - “But, I cannot understand…”

    - “You will never understand. It`s enough. Let`s stop chatting. I have too many persons to pick up today.
    “Let`s go.”

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