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    raminaesilva: FLIRTATION

    She nudged her friend:- “He doesn't take his eyes from me. Take a look.!” Effectively the handsome supermarket's security guard was looking at her, but, when he perceived that they were looking back, tried to disguise.

    “It`s shyness”, she exclaimed. Furtively she perceived that he was looking at her again. She was used to admiring looks. Tall, in the magnificence of her twenties, though she were a little fat, she was not to be thrown away. And she was interested in him too.

    They stayed at the supermarket more than it was necessary. She took some groceries. Than, changed her mind and swapped for others. Just to return to the dairy shelf where the safety guard was ‘flirting’ with her, or so she thought.

    Now and then she reciprocated the guys looks, but he, shy, as she understood he was, didn't dare to face her eyes and turned his watch to the other side. She thought about giving him a note, just to break the ice and help him in his excessive timidity.

    But she made up her mind to let it for other time, in a more opportune moment. Tomorrow she would have to come again for some more shopping, alone, and, then, she would approach him. Then, she and her friend decided to go away from the store. She was happy and with a light heart.

    It was then that the safety guard that was “flirting” with her, came to speak to her harshly, decidedly and rough, and, in an adamant and severe way said:- “ Lady, wait a moment, let me inspect what your are taking inside your purse.!”

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