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    The Forces of Nature

    It the early morning of a summer day, with clear blue sky as a background and a few ripples in the sea, Susan and Jack decided it was an excellent opportunity to film the famous coral banks that only where at seven o eight meters in depth.

    Jack drove the zodiac several yards away from shore to clearer waters; meantime Susan cheeked once again the equipment with its manometers and connections for a safe diving, it was something systematic in her every time they went out on this type of expeditions. Precautions never where enough they knew that by experience, so once they arrived at the desired point to submerge they took a last look to the weather forecast on the GPS, it all seamed perfect.

    Jack anchored the small boat after which he put on his diving suit to help Susan with her own. She only needed to carry the powerful reflector that was connected by a long cable to a battery on board. Jack had the heavier equipment that consisted of the video camera and its own reflector which also had a good weight. The operation range was limited to the length of cable, but it was enough for making several good scenes. Susan plunged overboard first to receive all the equipment, while he did the same. They kissed each other before finely putting on there mask and then slowly submerged.

    It was magnificent seeing the sea plants dancing smoothly in the current. The different coral banks, covered with vivid colored fish coming and going.

    Jack managed to take several scenes from different angles while Susan walked away towards a huge coral formation to illuminate it better; it was at a distance in which the cable fully stretched out it barely reached it. Susan kept it in that position while Jack filmed; surprisingly while doing so, all fish suddenly vanished. The first thing that crossed there minds, was that sharks where roaming around. So decided to quickly go back nearer the Zodiac but…to late, suddenly the cable got tangled around Susan’s legs and dragged her at a terrific speed. Jack tried to follow her but received a very strong current in the opposite direction that literally stamped him against the sea bead and the blow disengaged his oxygen kit. He fought desperately for air, while still dragged by the current. At last after what seamed endless it calmed down and managed to reach the surface with his last breath. After a few seconds looking around there where no visible signs of Susan or the Zodiac, also where there was a gorgeous beach with all its vegetation and huge palm trees it seamed to have vanished. Jack couldn’t understand what was happening but was desperate to find Susan, swimming as fast as possible to the shore thinking that she might be there, considering the direction in which she was dragged.

    On the surface of the water there was a lot of timber and all sorts of trash floating, plastics, bottles and even broken furniture, which he had to avoid making his way to the beach. As he approached his desperation grew seeing no signs of his beloved, only destruction in all directions, corpses all over. At last he managed to get ought of the water on a muddy bit of land full of debris and more corpses gathered every wear, also some boats where in up normal positions jammed between trees, like if a huge arm would have dropped them there.

    Jack burst in to tears thinking the worst while looking in all directions until recognising what was left of his zodiac on top of some bushes. He ran towards it and surprisingly found the cable still in its place. He followed it until vanishing into mud, but it seamed to be tangled up under the remains of a heavy door. At last struggling anxiously, managed to lift it up; his heart gave a jump as he saw Susan in an uncomfortable position completely covered in black mud, but still breezing apparently. He gently lifted her up and after kissing her with mud and all, stretched his arms around her tightly thanking god for finding her alive.

    After all…it was a Tsunami.

    Nicolas Jackson

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