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    Concord Grapes For The Vamp

    Forestry love cast by the coffin
    Whereupon I long for Lucy’s awakening
    Back to the land of the undead
    Perking up defeated werewolves to expose.
    With me thou art safe,
    Save for garlic
    And those ghastly crucifixes
    I am a Hybrid.

    Enticement and seduction
    Enchained by Lucy’s twisted whims.
    I cannot abide the sunlight
    And so cannot you
    My so cherished vamp
    Queen of the wicked
    You should find out how I desire you.
    Wield thine fangs
    Unleash savage nosferatus
    Demonic goblins nesting around the woods
    Oh! Stay away from the lush of her criminal bends
    Sick delights upon her curves we sniff.

    Hanging corpses sway
    To and fro in beautiful ways
    Cannibalism may solace thee, dearie.
    Bide farewell to dusk
    The Sun can’t curb our will anymore.
    And if they behead you
    With their rusted scythes
    I shall pour my scorching blood
    On your sexy lips
    Begging for bestial fantasies come true
    This full Moon is auspicious
    The World fears us
    Humans covet us
    Turn religion into nasty porn.

    Amongst firs and Alpine walnuts
    Two sapphire eyes gaze from gloom
    Deep glance like daggers alit
    Swagger in the midst of a sea of bloody fog
    My furry mate
    Norwegian Wolf

    Wade by the falling snow
    Gifted by crying clouds
    A ruthless star
    In November
    Regorging sorrow and iced tears
    My gothic soul
    Repeating each word she spells,
    Every summoning, every incantation
    Every revelation
    A forecast upheaval.
    Lestat speaks
    Legion has slain him
    We dwell the underworld
    Paradise Lost of the departed.

    Concord grapes harvested
    In Utopia and France
    Turned into a vintage
    Where bloodsuckers live
    With fruits dripping fresh blood.

    An unholy haze devours
    All God’s good souls
    Wandering in the dark
    Kidnapping those who rest in the peace of the Lord.
    Inducting them suffering
    Breaking Divine rules
    Masturbating as she thinks of Jesus
    Penetrating saints
    Corrupting their hearts with desire.
    Concord grapes for the femme fatale
    Slaves are willing to feed her
    She is willing to deflower three virgin ladies
    Thou shall never wish to drift along meadows anymore
    Hell is so fucking fine
    Impaled children adorn her altar
    Following Vlad´s fascinations
    Pierced from anus to throat
    Cadavers hung with bowel exposure
    As fiends place concord grapes
    Upon her majestic, thick, rouge lips
    And grins as injections of mayhem for voyeurs

    Bed of golden silk
    Cotton stolen from the whore of god dress
    Bouquets of saffron and myrrh
    Picked from Cronos´ private myrtle
    Whence ravens and blackbirds came from.

    Luxury and dampness
    Sodomy, gore
    Sexual harassment
    And molestation of the seraphs
    Violate the sacred and the holy
    The sanctified and baptized
    All of this in Lucy Westenra´s lair

    A sensual voice was heard
    Is Lucy commanding
    When Her Venus approaches.
    Fellatio and buggery
    Were thankfully never absent

    Outside the throned pit
    Upon a lonesome grave
    Covered up with slush and snow
    My decaying corpse wept
    Until tears thawed
    The infernal frost of Heaven
    Then one thousand roses were born

    So she sobbed at last:

    “I recall upon the six names
    The princess of the dark
    Take my soul
    For it is thine
    Because Satan is a female creature
    And her true name
    Is Mina.
    For whom Dracula weeps.

    Writer: Androlilith

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