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    Gender discrimination in Pakistan

    In Pakistan,The big social issue is 'Injustice'.In our society,Their are too much problems and when I grown up I realised there is enequality in society regarding men and women.Gender discrimination is one of the major issue faced by Pakistan among terrorism,corruption and poverty...What do you say when a country claiming to be a Islamic country and follow Prophet (P.B.U.H) but silent when a women is beaten brutally.?....Our country's women are facing many problems in healthcare,education and work.....On daily basis there are so many cases in which men show empowerment on womens..In everyday newspapers and on news channel,we read and watch how a women is facing violence in this society.And some parents don't allow their daughters to go to school after 10th grade but their sons are doing MBA from Abroad.Is'nt a injustice??Who is responsible?A man or a Woman..I am not supporting feminism,I am actually talking about Gender equality.
    I admit everyone commits mistake either woman or a man.But the ratio of Mistakes that destroy the society,That destrory a life are increasing day by day.But we don't notice them,we don't learn and do on daily basis.In many cases,Men are on mistake but in some cases womens are on mistake..Yes,I repeat In some cases women commits mistakes due to some psychological and social issues.And in some cases,they are compelled by many forces.That leads to suicide and social disruption.So where we are going?Actually,we are so called muslims and we are worst than Non-muslims.We have many legends histories,stories,Poetries but we didn't learn a word.What Iqbal says,
    ''There are thousands of God's lovers who are roaming in the wilderness
    But I will adore the one who will be lover of God's people''
    We admire him a great poet but we ever tried to understand him?Ever??
    Youth of Pskistan I am saying to you...You know a True Man?
    A True man is who,who respect a women and give equal rights either she is working in his home/Office or she is his family member.
    Qauid Says
    ''No Nation can reach to the height of Glory,Unless your women are side by side with you''
    And the women you know a Respectful Lady...No??
    * Than take a Note...Keep your standards and heels high...A man will never disrespect a lady!!!!*

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