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    Standard calculator best mobile calculator Application

    Standard Calculator Application:

    Standard Calculator mobile application is a helpful for students, professionals and merchant /business men to do on time calculations. All can use this utility to calculate their daily and occasional calculations by this beautiful and small app. Basic and major all functions are available in this standard calculator, which are useful and helpful for everyone.
    Standard Calculator modes:
    Standard calculator mobile application developed by us has 4 different modes of calculations which are listed below.
    o Standard calculator has simple calculator mode.
    o Standard calculator has scientific calculator mode.
    o Standard calculator Programmer calculator mode (hex, binary, decimal, hexadecimal).
    o Standard calculator Unit convertor mode (mass, volume, length and many more).
    How to use standard calculator:
    It is very simple to use standard calculator application. When you open the app it will be open in scientific calculator mode by default. You can change the mode by clicking 3 dots on right top it will provide you options to switch to simple calculator mode, scientific calculator mode, programmer calculator mode and unit converter mode.
    Standard calculator Features:
    Standard calculator has some great features in calculations some of these calculation features of each mode of Standard calculator are listed below.
    Simple calculator mode features:
    Simple calculator modes provide following features
    Arithmetic operations like Addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions.
    It Includes C AND CE functions C clears everything while CE clears last input.
    Scientific Calculator Mode Feature:
    Scientific calculator mode is our default calculation mode.
    It Includes Trigonometric Functions like SIN, ASIN, COS, ACOS, COSH, TAN, TANH, ATAN and LOG.
    It also Includes square, square root, cube and cube root functions.
    Programmer Calculator Mode Feature:
    Programmer calculator is the third mode in our calculator. It includes the features
    Programmer calculator includes the functionality of converting a number to Binary, decimal, hexadecimal and octa.
    A, B, C, D, E and F are represented as 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 in Programming calculator mode.

    Unit Converter Mode:
    Unit converter is the fourth mode in our calculator. It includes the Features as follows
    It includes the feature as Conversion Type where categories like Mass, temperature, Pressure, Volume, Distance, Speed, Base and Energy.
    It includes the Conversion from the particular category we selected to any other format of the same category like if we selected temperature as our conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius against a particular value.
    Some other basic features of Standard Calculator:
    Some of the basic features of our standard calculator are as follows.
    1. Standard calculator has Simple and beautiful design.
    2. Standard calculator Displays calculation history.
    3. Standard calculator displays Last 10 calculations stored in memory.
    4. Standard calculator provides Backspace button to delete the last digit to correct a simple calculation mistake.
    5. Backspace button in standard calculator can also clear all by pressing and holding it
    6. In Standard calculator Previous Answer can be used for next calculations.

    The Standard calculator is an Add supported App. Feel free to contact us for feedback, bug reporting and feature request about standard calculator Application. Good opinions and suggestions are always welcome!

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