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    5 Ways to Improve Yourself from the Teaching of Islam

    Islam is said to be not only a set of belief and its system, but it is altogether a lifestyle. Islam depicts and gives advice on each and every situation that a Muslim would be faced with in the worldly affairs. Be it education, marriage, upbringing of children, work, finance, household responsibilities, social, economical or political agendas, the Quran has answers to each and every prevalent situation that may arise. From the vast sea of information that leads to a better life, here are 5 ways that may assist in better personal management as per the teachings of Islam-

    1) Practice patience and gratitude-

    One of the major teachings of Islam is to be patient and be full of gratitude towards what life has bestowed upon you. People tend to get in the hurricane of negative emotions, comparing personal lives with others and feeling insignificant or lesser in terms of financial stability or social status. It is without doubt strictly negated in Islam to compare oneself with others and feel degraded. One must practice patience in matters that are beyond personal reach and be thankful on all the blessings. This would churn out a more positive and light minded person.
    2) Be tolerant towards oppressors-

    Oppressors in these times can be seniors in workplace, adults in family or any accomplice. Islam preaches tolerance, it has been said time and again that do not go out and take revenge. Instead, try to bring out solutions through peaceful negotiations. By practicing tolerance in daily life, there will be lesser arguments between couples, parents will be more tender with children, better environment at workplace and an overall betterment in the society.
    3) Never lie, cheat or miscommit-

    The Prophet Muhammad PBUH has preached several times that those who lie, cheat or backbite are not part of the Muslim community. It is stressed several times that when a word for any work is given, stick to it religiously. Only this fosters companionship and trust on one another. May it be personal or professional commitments, never fail to fulfill work that has been accepted. Incase it is impossible to fulfill the commitment, then do not agree to it in the first place.
    4) Budget and spend within means-

    Islam forbids excessiveness in any activity. May it be housing, clothing, eating or talking. A moderation in every activity is prescribed for Muslims. By practising this teaching of Islam, the modern term of it called as being more minimalistic has multi pronged advantages. Excessive money spent on unwanted material obsessions would be minimized and it would lead to better utilization of resources. A better quality of active life can be enjoyed by following this teaching of Islam.
    5) Safeguard Chastity-

    One of the most stressed upon teaching of Islam for being a better human being includes safeguarding chastity. Women are advised to remain faithful to husbands and never reveal themselves in front of strangers as an act of protecting what belong to the husband only and men are advised to safeguard their gaze and not develop relationships with women other than their wives. By developing and following this preaching of Islam in daily life, divorce rates, broken families and miserable childhood would be reduced largely.

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