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    What is a Hajj? And Why You Need to Stay in Shape to Do It

    What is Hajj?

    Muslims’ beliefs and traditions are rooted on five pillars: Shahadah – there is no god except God and Muhammad is God’s messenger, Salat – a ritual prayer done five times a day, Sawm – fasting during the month of Ramadan, Zakat – donating 2.5% of their money to the needy, and Hajj – pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. All Muslims must abide to these acts.

    The pilgrimage to Mecca or Hajj is observed during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah by both male and female. Once a person has performed the Hajj, they are known as hajj. Every year there is an estimated 2 million Muslims who join to commemorate Haajj. Hajj must be done by any Muslim, as long as they can physically and financially travel and observe the different practices. There are certain protocols and traditions that must be observed such as wearing a two piece white dress called Ihram clothing. This symbolizes that they are all equal before their god, Allah. During the five or six days of worship, they must perform the Tawaf or walk around the Kaaba seven times, Istilam or touching the Black Stone, Sa’yee or travelling to and from Mount Safa and Mount Marwah seven times, and Ramee or stoning the Devil in Mina which represents casting away of the devil. This is done because it is a devotion to god.

    Because of all these activities, and a large scale gathering one must be fit, in proper shape and condition. This means you are not just physically able but also free from any diseases or ailments. Here we have listed reasons on why you should be fit.
    1. There are a lot of activities, it demands physical strength

    The different activities done during one’s religious pilgrimage to Mecca was already mentioned such as: Tawaf, Sa’yee and Ramee. Walking around the Black Stone seven times and traveling back and forth is really a tiring task. It demands a lot of physical strength. All these activities must be done during one’s visit in order to complete their devotion. Thus, to perform and accomplish all these activities, one must be fit. You have to be capable of enduring all of these physically.
    2. There are a lot of people

    Millions of people gather from all parts of the world in order to perform their duties as a Muslim. From these people you will never know who is sick or carrying a virus. If you are not physically well or your immune system is down, then there is a higher chance of you getting sick.

    2. Have a meaningful pilgrimage

    Last but not the least reason for you to be fit is to be able to satisfactorily complete your moral and religious obligations. If you are not able to focus and concentrate on praying and devoting time to god, then you have failed to fulfil your duty as a Muslim.

    Hajj is an important part of being a Muslim. It is considered as one of their five pillars, thus there is a must to be able to perform this religious pilgrimage with a devoting heart and an able body. To know more about Hajj, the activities done, history of Hajj as well as latest updates.

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