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    How to Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Good on Your Hajj

    On your spiritual journey, you want to make sure that you have kept your facial hair in good form. There is something exceptional that empowers the person who has a proper beard Ė like the feeling of being sexy, cool and standing out with pride. It is usually the basis of checking out the virility and masculinity of a guy and this is a physical feature that totally makes men incomparable from women. But, growing a beard is not just as simple as stopping from shaving; it takes time, effort, devotion and great resistance ability in the urge of itchiness.

    If you are curious and are already up for the challenge of having beard but donít know how to start, here are some ways on how to grow facial hair:

    1. Have the determination and patience. Growing your beard is not as easy as you may think; most of the men who tries to grow a beard failed to do so because of lack in determination and are not patient enough in waiting to have the growing hair needed. Regularly, it takes a month to grow an enough long beard, but still depends on your length of hair growth. There would be some time that you would like to pick up your razor again and just shave it off, but in time like this, your determination and patience will be truly challenged.
    2. Decide on the kind and look of the beard that you would like to grow. Before you even try to grow your beard, try to decide on what kind of beard would you like to have, full beard, goatee, over-all scruff, sideburns, chinstraps, the combo and others. You can even search for your bearded model, an actor, singer or anyone that would likely keeps you a good idea on what could be the look of your beard.
    3. Stop from shaving. Eventually, stopping from shaving is the first process in growing your beard. At first, it will definitely be itchy as your hair is used on being shaved every day, but resistance in itchiness is good thing here. There are some who believes that shaving can make your hair growth thicker but it is not yet proven and will never be. Once you have shaved, your hair growth will eventually got even slower thatís why it will be hard for you to grow a beard if you are shaving. So the best thing that you should do is to leave your facial hair as it is and keep your razors somewhere that will keep it from making you have an urge to shave.
    4. Let it grow. So the next step in growing a beard is of course letting it grow. Four to six weeks may be enough for you to see some changes in your facial hair.
    5. Take care of it. The final step now is taking care of it. You may actually need to put some dandruff shampoo on it a couple of time a week to at least lessen the itchiness and once you are satisfied with its length, you are now free to styled it the way you want.

    So there you go! You are now ready to show off with your amazing beard on your hajj!

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