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    5 Tips to Preparing for a Successful Hajj

    Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam, those who have enough monetary wealth and are healthy, are obligated to go perform Hajj once in a lifetime. Though this religious obligation seems to be quite demanding, if one simply goes out unprepared the task may seem next to impossible as well. Or even worse, once returning from Hajj people might tell what you could have done in a better manner or what has been missed completely. To avoid such situations, read on to find out 5 tips that would help in preparing for a successful Hajj-

    1) Manage personal belongings in a way that focus remains on the pilgrimage-

    Often people are unaware that even at such a religious event certain thieves and morally sick groups tend to slip in. After reaching the destination it is found that personal belongings are unsafe. To stop the mind from wandering on worldly possessions and affairs, it is wise to either leave behind valuables or the ones that are being taken must be stored in safes. Many kinds of safes are available, one that fulfills size and security should be opted.
    2) Get required vaccinations done-

    The tourism company that is providing with the package and details of travelling often outline and guide as to which vaccinations must be done before going for Hajj. People from all over the world gather together, and the tedious task of performing most of its rituals lead to getting sick. In order to maintain as much proper health as possible, it is mandatory to get certain vaccines injected which would fuel and act as antibiotics for the rest of the journey.
    3) Read a Hajj Diary-

    There are many instances that only people who have performed Hajj can explain, these insights of experience can prove to be extremely helpful. If there are family members or friends who have already performed the rituals, an appointment must be made with detailed questions ready. Ehram, the cloth that is worn during Hajj must be seen as well. As there are some people who do not have access to friends or family who have performed hajj, referring hajj diaries is one of the best alternatives.
    4) Gain as much knowledge as possible-

    There must be adequate and appropriate Islamic knowledge regarding hajj gathered so that no ritual act remains unknown. Attending classes for gaining extra knowledge and watching video tutorials that explain the correct manner, dos and donts along with practical examples and problem solving situations is ideal to carry out. Look for as many authentic sources of information as possible so that success in the performance of Hajj becomes possible to its closest sense.
    5) Prepare for physical activity-

    Since Hajj requires several kilometers of walk and running from Safa to Marwah, it is highly recommended to stay in shape while preparing for the big day. Eat carefully and start walking to build the stamina and energy required to fulfil the rituals. Although people with a bit of slacked health also perform hajj, but if the true job of performing hajj in optimum conditions can derived then it is better to prepare for it than to be sorry later.

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