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    Eids went bye past ... 1108-2k13

    In better times superb Eids, went bye past
    Eid now, just that, a passing name

    Eids that were delight, in visages lost,
    gone beloved, are a sentence of the same

    Would that beloved, dwells in bodily form
    Eid by measure own, be celebrated thus
    Else Eidís tint, befalls us devoid of any charm!

    What, Wherefore, Is now Eidís warm?
    Therein now broken lives plow
    Plant within us staid and deathly harm.

    Translation from Original
    saadat tahir
    11th Aug, 2k13

    Translated from a few verses communicated by a dear friend (Asma), in a local language called Ďsaraikií; spoken in large swaths of the southern & central Punjab region of Pakistan.
    The lines in original are by one Qamar Jatoi.

    چنگے وقت اچ چنگیاں عیداں نبهیاں ہنڑ عید دا ایویں ناں اے@ اساں دید دی عید کریندے هاسے دتی رونق بهن سجناں اے@ جے سجنڑ وسیب اچ وسدا هووے چن عید تاں هوندی تاں اے@ کہیاں عیداں هن ہنڑ قمر جتوئ هر عید مریندی تهاں اے@

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    Deathly harm is very difficult to the explain.

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