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    Major Threats Revealed for Mac Users

    Computer users on Mac OS X are increasingly becoming victims of cyber-crime. Kaspersky Lab has made a list of the most pressing threats to the platform Mac OS.

    First of all, experts say the risk of infection of these machines with the aim of turning them into "zombies" - participants of a botnet, which criminals create specifically to launch attacks or distribution of illegal content. The largest Mac-botnet was detected by Kaspersky Lab in the beginning of last year, when the Trojan Flashfake managed to turn a bot more than 700 thousand computers running Mac OS X worldwide.

    A separate security threat "apple" platform represent vulnerabilities in popular software, particularly in Flash and Java. It is through these attackers penetrate in a Mac-PC and install it on any type of malware. So, for example, and was created by the infamous botnet Flashfake.

    Mac computers are at risk also because they are extremely popular among politicians, business leaders and corporate executives. And it is this category of users is of particular interest to cybercriminals. On their computers contains important confidential data, which are hunted for competitors or other intruders. In an effort to obtain information from certain Mac-computers, cyber criminals can organize targeted attacks using malicious programs created specifically for Mac OS X - and then will be threatened even ordinary home users.

    In addition, there are classes of threats relevant to users of all operating systems. These categories include phishing and fraud. For example, creating a fake copy of a page of popular social networks or online banking services and enticing users to it, criminals can steal important personal information, without applying any malware, but only by using a variety of methods of social engineering.

    These threats also include the content of adult content. Children often play on Mac-computers, are interested in the category 18 + sites, social networking or trying to pay for something on the internet without their parents' knowledge of their own credit card. All of these actions can cause real damage to your computer's security and purse adults.

    Among other things, Mac-computers can serve as a "vector" PC infections. Having a set of malware programs created, for example, for Windows, "Apple" computer can transmit it over a network. So, are under threat all home devices or even entire corporate network.

    As the base of action for the protection of the Mac experts recommend disabling the browser plug-ins Flash and Java, as well as predominantly using browsers that are known for rapid correction of detected vulnerabilities, for example, Google Chrome. In many cases it is enough time to update the installed software and modules of the operating system in order to avoid infection.

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