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    HIV Blood Virus News in Pepsi and Tropicana Juices and Drinks

    URGENT!!!!!!ALERT!!! Please DO NOT DRINK any PEPSI,Tropicana Juice ,a worker from the pepsi company has put blood CONTAMINATED with AIDS inside the BOTTLES!!! Please forward this!!No jokes NOT taking any chances.... Check the news aaj tv nd geo tv n all.... Tc ur self.

    This message is spreading like a virus among the people in Pakistan and some reports have also arrived from over the world. Lets see what people are saying:

    I doubt it's true. At most factories involving edible products, the company has all of the employees tested for STDs like AIDS. And if you're really convinced it's true, just switch to Coke for a while. Answer by { Insane Chick }

    No, HIV would not survive in pepsi. The acidic pH would very quickly kill the virus making the risk of transmission very low. Even if the pH were more neutral, the risk would still be vanishingly rare for the same reasons that oral sex is relatively low risk :-) by

    Doctor Edward W Hook, MD Source(s): http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/HIV-in-low-pH-and-temperature/show/677899

    Answer by Krishna

    Another user says: The Message / SMS floating regarding Pepsi and Tropicana being contaminated with HIV AIDS is
    completely absurd and baseless. Please be assured that Pepsi and Tropicana are 100% safe. All pepsico products are manufactured in fully automated plants, untouched by hand, that maintain global standards of quality and excellence. There are several third party
    consumer protection websites debunking the rumour, such as snopes.com, urbanlegends.about.com and hoax-slayer.com;
    please see the link - http://www.hoax-slayer.com/pepsi-hiv-hoax.shtml

    What I think is now all type of messages are completely prank.

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    Circuit advertisement HIV Blood Virus News in Pepsi and Tropicana Juices and Drinks
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