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    The Pros and Drawbacks of the American Blue Tip Cigarette

    The american blue tip e cigarette, known also as an vapor cigarette, water vapor cigarette or smokeless cigarette, is a vehicle through which people can give up smoking. Smoking is an addictive habit that usually reduces perhaps the strongest willed person to becoming like an abject failure if they don't succeed at smashing the habit. The American Blue Tip is a functional option to lighting one up every day. 20, 40 or 60 cigarettes in one day all started with 1 cigarette that specific day.

    So that you can lessen your odds of lung cancer or emphysema inside your later years, the upside to presenting the American Blue cigarette is that you will not intake the ingredients that cause these maladies, tar and nicotine. Incorporating the American Blue Tip cigarette into your daily lifestyle supplies a tremendous upside in preserving your health. You only live once and you ought to do everything inside your capacity to elevate the quality of your daily life. However your physical health is simply one aspect when you are looking at the caliber of your life.

    Your financial health, a huge concern for a lot of people, may also be greatly improved. Cigarettes cost an average of $8, with a higher amount being spent in New York, but a lower amount in Georgia. If you're a conservative cigarette smoker and smoke one pack daily, that is $8 times 365 days a year, which amounts to $2920 a year ($5840 for 2 pack a day smokers and $8760 for 3 packs per day.) Now let's give you 5 year figures: 1 pack a day - $14,600, 2 packs a day - $29,200 and 3 packs a day - $43,800.) That's a ton of coin. For life span people who smoke, it is a car and a house, easily. You can simply save nearly all those funds using electronic cigarettes, particularly American Blue Tip.

    Your physical health should really concern you if your economic health does not. The American Blue Tip can help preserve your health by eliminating all tar and nicotine consumed in your body, particularly your lungs. In addition to tobacco-related lung cancer, you have the chance of lip cancer, cancer of the mouth and of the wind pipe among others others. The way you look is another ancillary health benefit. Smoking may appear cool and in vogue within your teens, 20s, 30s as well as 40s. Have a close look at yourself in the mirror at the age of 55 (if you live that long) from years of smoking. Your wrinkles will have wrinkles, your teeth will be needing replaced and your hands will have that splotchy, yellowish hue.

    The American Blue Tip is a major brand, but there are numerous brands electronic cigarettes with which to acquaint yourself. You can also obtain nicotine in various levels to help you ween off the real stuff if that is what you ought to do. The battery life, quality of vapor, flavors and strength of flavors will also be consideration before purchasing an electronic cigarette. Competitve in most of such areas is the American Blue Tip.

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