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    Amazon patents the digital book used

    The cover is unchanged. The pages have no marks. The song is heard not worse. Not even out the number of Martians Settled the game.Amazon wants trade loop the loop, getting digital goods, you do not age or deteriorate with use, can Achieve a second life in other hands.
    Since 29 January, the e-commerce giant has registered a patent for a method of selling "books, music, videos, apps and other digital objects" .Shop online permit Described in the patent and exchange content and services consumed outside vendors "First Hand ".
    By definition digital content, Precisely Because They are outside the digital medium, with no difference replicas or limitation in quantity, do not have too much sense to propose resale. Typically When buying digital content is to be Associated with the user profile.
    In fact, Vinton Cerf, Considered the father of the Internet, digital downloads Regarding Counted in an interview In This newspaper That the copy is the essence of the Internet, and pointed : "It is clear we need a model That of exploitation of content respects the original creation and fosters creativity. A successful model is Widely Accepted That Is that of iTunes. "
    Neither Apple iTunes or Google Play, the digital store finder for your Android, and Amazon had raised himself anything like so far. On the Contrary, Usually in industry has Slowed Such actions. It is common for videogames detected if used in more than one console When asked to lock and put up on a second machine. One of the controversies surrounding the future models of PlayStation and Xbox is the possible inclusion of a detector used record.
    The closest so far is in the hands of the Amazon itself. This is the system of lending eBooks, Kindle and Purchased only in his shop. For 14 days the book Disappears from the device the purchaser. Once over the period, the book returns to the original purchaser, you have read it or not. This replicates the sensation fictitious loan in the real world. That is, an object temporarily changes hands, when in fact there are two digital copies, but what is really the time restriction of access.
    The key wit Amazon in modeling would purchase among consumers.concrete No, although it is Understood That Amazon would take a part of the transaction. The book, song or disappear from the device vendor application and pass you to the buyer. Who would buy second -hand content? Those willing to access content no longer That is the ultimate Significantly lower at a price. Being a good digital no difference with Respect to a new one, only the price changes.
    However, at times almost unlimited storage in the cloud, why someone would follow a content? By get some money to buy new content, clean and tidy mobile, tablet or ebook Which have downloads.
    The consultant Bill Rosenblatt Explains in the magazine Wired That this patent is not going to please the publishers and content creators, UNLESS Amazon shares with creators, publishers, record companies and movie studios of the income of a second, third or fourth leaves.

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