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    Samsung Galaxy J5 Metal Review, Performance, Cost etc. Is it Worth Buying?

    Cellular intermediary of Samsung is among the most sought by Pakistanis. See our review and find out if is still worth to buy the Galaxy J5 Metal in 2017.

    The Galaxy J5 Metal is a smartphone from Samsung launched in Pakistan in July 2016 at a price of RS: 21500/- now. The phone is one of the most popular in Pakistan, and was in sixth place in the ranking of the phones most searched by consumers in January 2017. Its data sheet includes the large screen of 5.2-inch, quad-core processor and front camera of 5 MP with LED flash.

    Available in the colors black, gold and white, the J5 Metal can be found currently on deal sites, and competes in the segment of mobile intermediaries with the Moto G5, Motorola/Lenovo, and LG K10 2017.

    Find out in our full review, if the Galaxy J5 Metal is good, and what is their cost-benefit.


    The Galaxy J5 Metal has a design inspired in the cellular premium. The smartphone measures 145,8 mm 72,3 mm, is 8.1 mm thick and weighs 158 grams. Its sides are coated by metal, specifically, aluminum, and the back is plastic with a metallic hero colour.

    This type of material avoids the problems of cracking as found on The line, which is coated by the glass. In addition, the finger marks are also invisible. The smartphone has good grip, and even with the large screen, it fits comfortably in the hand, in addition to not slip.

    Galaxy J5 Metal has a coating on aluminum and plastic (Photo: Ana Marques/Techcrunch)

    The J5 Metal has a button "Home" a physicist at the front, volume controls on the left side and the "on/off" on the right side. The audio output is located on the back of the phone, which can cause discomfort in time to watch the videos, or even in simple tasks, such as listening to a voice message on WhatsApp, if you are not using a headset the ear.

    The phone has dual function chip and, for this, the manufacturer has opted for two trays for the SIM card and one for microSD card. This is a good news for users who want to use two chips of carrier without opening the hand to expand the storage of your phone. The slots can be easily accessed with the removal of the back cover.

    The screen of 5.2 inches

    The display of J5 Metal has 5.2-inch HD (1280 x 720 pixels). Theoretically, this would not be the optimal resolution for a large screen, since that results in a pixel density smaller than that found in mobile phones of the same size. Samsung could have invested in a Full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels), like that of the Moto G5, which has 5".

    Galaxy J5 Metal has a screen of 5.2 inches (Photo: Ana Marques/Techcrunch)

    In practice, this difference in resolution did not have a huge impact on the sharpness of the images, which showed vivid color, black with a deeper, due to the technology Super AMOLED.

    In general, the J5 Metal is a good mobile phone to watch series and movies – always bearing in mind the headset, and the display continues with vivid color, even under the strong sun. It also has a mode external, which can be activated to increase the light panel in addition to the traditional bar brightness adjustment allows.

    Camera and photos

    The set of cameras of the Galaxy J5 Metal is average. The sensor of the main camera has 13 megapixels with LED flash and lens aperture f/1.9, which allows the input of a large amount of light and, in theory, favors the night shots.

    However, in our tests, shooting in low light conditions was not a pleasant experience. It is possible to distinguish people and objects in environments with little light, but there is no need to work very hard to notice pixels throughout the image, which ends up not compensating.

    Features of the rear camera of the Galaxy J5 Metal (Photo: Ana Marques/Techcrunch)

    The photos taken in the light of the day are good, but may get saturated in environments that are very clear. This problem is easily circumvented by using the professional mode of the camera, which allows you to adjust the values of ISO and exposure manually.

    A negative point is the lack of HDR. This feature enables you to take photos with greater wealth of details from a combination of photos taken sequentially with different exposure values.

    Photo taken with the rear camera of the Galaxy J5 Metal (Photo: Ana Marques/Techcrunch)

    The front camera brings sensor of 5 MP, lens aperture f/1.9 and LED flash (instead of flash screen present on many phones in this price range). In addition, it has interesting features, as the mode of embellishment, which allows you to fine-tune the face, increase the size of the eyes and erase skin imperfections. With the "Selfie Pan", it is possible to increase the angle of the photos so all your friends can fit in the selfie.

    Functions of the cameras rear and front of the Galaxy J5 Metal, respectively (Photo: Playback/Ana Marques)

    A detail that can annoy is the balance of colors and the difficulty of the camera to distinguish between certain intensities nearby, such as light blue and dark blue.


    The Galaxy J5 Metal has removable battery of 3,100 mAh battery – number satisfactory in relation to the hardware of the device. During our testing, the phone had full discharge after about 15 hours of moderate use out of apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, or switching between 4G networks and Wi-Fi.

    Galaxy J5 Metal has the mode of "Ultra economy" to save battery power (Photo: Ana Marques/Techcrunch)

    This time drops to about 12 hours with the use of the camera for photos and videos, and run applications for playback of music, such as Spotify. The recharging time of the mobile phone in stand-by was two hours and 50 minutes.

    Something interesting is the "Ultra Economy", in addition to the traditional energy-saving mode, which makes real miracles. With this feature, only 8% of the battery can last more than four hours. The function disables themes, wallpapers, and virtually all the programmes of the cell, keeping only what is essential for you.

    Ultra-saving data - Opera Max

    The J5 2016 comes with Opera Maxpreinstalled. The program is designed to save data of your package, 3G/4G, or even facilitate the use of a public Wi-Fi network, which tends to become slow when a high number of users are connected.

    The app creates a VPN on your smartphone, which, in summary, this is a private network that connects you to the servers of the Opera. These servers are responsible for compress files such as photos and videos, and send them back to your mobile phone, in a smaller size (which will consume less of your internet).

    In this way, the Opera Max can be an ally for those who often post a lot of photos on Instagram, or for users who watch many movies and series on Netflix.

    Saving data on Galaxy J5 Metal with Opera Max enabled (Photo: Playback/Ana Marques)

    In our tests, a day consumed 120 MB of mobile data. According to Opera, there was a saving 32.4 MB. The app also lets you see how many MB have been spent by tasks performed in the background.

    In practice, the feature can mess up a little, since it limits the applications that operate in the background, what can you do with that important notifications are not displayed. Of course, there is the option of choosing which programs will work even when the function is on, but the idea is that you choose the least possible apps, so that the economy will be significant.

    Performance | The Galaxy J5 Metal is good?

    With quad-core processor of 1.2 GHz and RAM of 2 GB, J5 Metal rode the system Android 6.0 Marshmallow modified with the interface TouchWiz without major problems. The use of apps of social networks heavier, such as Snapchat, and games such as Pokémon GO (without the mode of augmented reality enabled), caused some crashes, mainly after the third week of use. In addition, the phone restarted alone once during our tests.

    Speaking of applications, the internal space for the storage of your programs, photos and favorite videos is 16 GB, with microSD card slot up to 128 GB.

    Galaxy J5 Metal wheel Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the TouchWiz interface (Photo: Ana Marques/Techcrunch)

    A good news for those who want to invest in the Galaxy J5 Metal is that the smartphone has update guaranteed to the Android 7.0 Nougat, latest version of the system released by Google. In this way, the cell phone must continue to serve users that like to be always ahead with regards to new features and technologies.

    Cost-benefit | is it worth buying the Galaxy J5 Metal?

    The Galaxy J5 Metal can already be found for about RS:21500/- from online stores. The reduced value makes it an attractive option in the segment of smartphones intermediaries. If you demand a mobile phone with a battery that lasts throughout the day and fluid operation, the mobile phone of Samsung should meet your expectations.

    However, if you have not been convinced, it is possible to find good options with a less price, such as the Moto G5 – it offers processor octa-core, Full HD screen. Another model from Samsung that can be found on sale is the Galaxy J7 Prime, which is equipped with a fingerprint reader.

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