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    Why Should You Buy a New Passport?

    The title of this article may sound somewhat roguish, but the truth is you really need to know why you must invest your hard earned money in buying other nationalities! The usual path to utilize money for better returns generally goes through investing in some business projects, bonds, real estate etc. But buying a passport is something we seldom think about. Even if we chart the course up, we just donít act on it.

    The truth is buying a passport is basically buying a little book from anywhere between US$ 45000 to US$ 100,000 for one person. It's just not an easy amount to flash out for most! Believe me, that's been the case for me for far too long! Even if you do, not everyone will advise you to buy a passport, like my father who kept telling me that I should rather invest my six figures in real estate instead of a nationality which may not be immediately a lucrative step than acquiring an actual land site on exotic locals. But the truth is a passport gives you a lot of freedom, and that comes at a cost!

    Let's Come to the Point!
    Acquiring dual citizenship is quite crucial to insure social security now more than any point in history for the political turmoil our generation is witnessing. Having insured citizenship in any other relatively secure country could be just the right option against any potential problems, including financial security. In spite of all of that, only a small number of people take a step to do all it takes to get the process finalized.

    Do I sound like I am actually dishing out reasons why you should rather avoid getting other nationalities? Believe me the truth is far from that. The reason for telling all this is that whoever is surfing our site, has at any point of time been struggling with similar thoughts. Thankfully due to the "been there done that" syndrome I have acquired an edge and some good bits of sound knowledge to provide you some insight into the ins and outs of investing in second passport programs.

    Why Buying a Passport could be Your Savior?
    People indeed have different reasons to invest such huge lumps of money in a new passport. Sometimes it's employment or business opportunities, sometimes it's social security, financial restrictions, tax situation, or any country you need to travel but the odd visa restrictions policy playing spoil sport and what not!
    One more crucial point is that if you have to pay taxes on your worldwide income worth US $ 50,000 or more, the prudent choice is to shift your nationality to a country where the taxes are easy on the pocket. Or simply abandon the nationality of the place you don't live and yet pay taxes. Or in few cases your dual passport gives more fluidity and freedom in terms of financial and social security. In any such case scenario, you should not be willing to wait for a certain number of years to get another passport and freedom it entails. A one-time investment in such cases is much wiser to justify the expenses.

    We come across many such people who had to turn down lucrative job offers simply because they could either not obtain the visa to travel to the country of the employer or because the processing time is far too long for the employer to hang on!

    That's why buying a passport is better than actually waiting to get one through naturalization after a residency of anywhere between 2, 3, 5, 10 or 12 years. That's how economic citizenship comes to rescue you, whatever be your situation or the problem, the deliverance from which can very well require you to invest in a citizenship program.

    The Whys and the Buts!
    Given below are some pointers to guide you further-

    • First of all you need to know why you need to buy a citizenship through investment. Your reason combined with time you have, can be the deciding factors for you. Economic citizenship will fill in the gaps of urgency that a Naturalization after residency can certainly not help with!
    • The visa-free travel. It's one of the major reasons many a people go for obtaining a fast second passport. But be aware that even the best of the passport have certain policies or restrictions regarding some countries. For example none of the EU passports will allow you to go to Russia on a tourist visa nor will a US passport!
    • The countries selling citizenship to interested investors definitely do make their offer worth the money they seek, making the offers equally appreciated and coveted. For example the Commonwealth of Dominica is selling its passport at quite an expensive price but then the country is among the fastest to give you your new passport within hardly 45 - 60 days approximately!
    • Many of the countries that use a citizenship by investment program to lure investors don't really care how much money the investor makes worldwide, as long as he/she is willing to the pay to become a citizen of the said country. Hence, it exempts you from bleeding money in the name of taxes for every viable reason!
    • Most importantly, many if the countries that offer economic citizenship seek the stipulated amount in the name of 'donations', which is perfectly legal, other options being, investing in public development projects, real estate or establishing any approved businesses. The latter options leaves enough room for the investorís capital being optimized for solid returns. A winning situation!

    Last but not least, unfortunately there are many websites which are eager to exploit you with glittery taglines and substantial offers and discounts and blah blah. It's best to do some credibility check before going on board any website claiming to get you a new citizenship. Including ours! Luckily, you must have already, by now, known that CtrustGlobal is one reliable firm you can trust!

    Let's Get Started!
    In any case, if you need any help to quickly become a citizen of another country and want the process started, just contact us. You can learn more about second passport and economic citizenship programs on our website. For a personal consultation with us you can arrange a meeting or just call.

    If you are still wondering which route to take up vis a vis economic citizenship, feel free to keep reading our blog to hoard on all the knowledge and guidance you need to crystallize your ideas and vision and chart out the best plan for a secure future!

    We are waiting for a word from you. The comment section is all yours.

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