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    The benefits of green banana biomass

    The biomass of green plantain is a preparation made with green bananas that have a lot of fiber and is used to lose weight, for constipation and to fight depression.
    The biomass of green plantain is considered a functional and very healthy food . Being low in calories and low glycemic index is a strong ally for a healthy diet weight loss. It is made with the pulp of green plantains, and forms a thick cream that can be added to soups, vitamins, sauces, breads, cookies, cakes and sandwiches.

    The biomass of green bananas can be purchased at supermarkets or health food stores and a 250g package is priced at about $ 20, but you can also make the biomass of green bananas at home.
    Benefits of Banana biomass

    Intestinal health: The resistant starch in the food has a similar action on the fibers, so the biomass is effective to maintain the health of the intestines. It helps nourish the intestinal mucosa, in addition to relieving diarrhea and contributing to combat constipation.

    Heart Health: For those who suffer from high cholesterol, for example, biomass is a good ally. In addition to reducing HDL levels in the bloodstream, food helps reduce triglycerides and acts to reduce fat absorption.

    Source of vitamins: Minerals rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and essential as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, biomass is also an antioxidant food that acts in the prevention of diseases such as cancer and helps fight premature aging.

    Thinning: The biomass of green banana helps to lose weight, since, in addition to being low in calories, it helps to inhibit the absorption of glucose and fats. Meanwhile, the starch promotes prolonged sensation of satiety, since the body moves slowly.

    Green banana biomass is rich in potassium : helps control blood pressure benefits the contraction and relaxation of muscles, strengthens muscles, combats stress and anxiety and enjoys normal functioning of the brain, kidneys and heart.

    The cooking of the biomass is gaining more followers, since, besides contributing to its nutritional benefits, it is also an excellent thickener . In addition, its flavor is neutral and can be used in both sweet and salty preparations. It can still be found in the form of green banana flour (which is freeze-dried biomass) and use it along with other flours in your recipes, the ratio of cup for every 2 cups of other flours.

    How do you prepare?


    • 1 bunch of green banana (the fruit should not be in the ripening process)


    Wash the bananas and place them in a pressure cooker covered with boiling water. Cook for 8 minutes, turn off the heat and let the pressure bananas continue cooking for another 12 minutes. After cooking keep the bananas in hot water. Slowly, to strip one by one and place immediately in the processor or blender to beat.

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