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    Four Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    You may apply various measures to increase your hgh and stay youthful and energetic but some diseases like cardiac problems can only be evaded only if you are proactive in your younger years.

    Soon after the celebration of ‘American Heart Month’ in February, the shocking news that heart diseases are largely responsible for human death has left the doctors in a state of shock! Thus, the Heart Lung and Blood Institute and American Heart Association emphasized on improving the lifestyle and eating habits to fight back this deadly disease. Here are some tips provided by the experts to keep your heart healthy:
    1. Fitness: Fitness is essential for keeping the whole body healthy and especially keeps the stress level under strict control. Include walk, exercise or meditation for the strong ticking of the heart. Also having a routine lifestyle which includes a healthy and nutritional diet can also work wonders for your heart.

    2. Chocolates: We all love chocolates and the good news is, so does our heart! Enriched with anti-oxidants and excellent property of controlling the blood pressure, chocolates are a boon for your heart and for taste buds too. According to British Medical Journal, chocolates are really effective in bringing down the rate of heart attacks as well as strokes. Statistics prove that almost there is a decrease in the chances of heart diseases by almost 37% if you consume chocolates everyday and roughly a decrease of 29% is recorded in the case of strokes. So, get the biggest chocolate bar today and enjoy it.

    3. Laugh: Yes, you have heard it right. Laughter is really the best medicine, at least for heart problems. Negative thoughts, tension and stress all contract the blood vessels, which obstruct the blood flow. Whereas, laughing and other positive actions do the right opposite. The diameter of the blood vessels almost increases by 30% to 50%. When the blood vessels expand, it’s easier for the heart to pass blood and thus reduces the pressure on it.

    4. Yoga: To bid adieu to the heart troubles yoga is a great exercise. It best to beat the troubles like problem of irregular heartbeats and abnormal heart rhythms and improves general functioning of the heart. This fact has been proved by American College of Cardiology’s at the 60th Annual Scientific Session.
    Therefore, to make your heart healthy you don’t need to make a complete change in your lifestyle. If you follow these tips you can possible evade the chances of heart disease and stroked to a great deal.

    Brenda Lyttle is a health expert and a freelance writer. In her free time, she loves exploring fashionable outfits.

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