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    Losing 20 Pounds in 4 Weeks is Easy Now

    Losing 20 pounds in just four weeks is no joke. It will require a lot of commitments and change in your attitude and practices in life. Radical changes will be required in your diet, exercise and outlook on health matters to bring about major changes. In fact, you will have to be unwavering if you really want to lose that much.

    Your caloric intake will have to be in accordance with your Height, weight, and your activities. Irrespective of the dictates of the Body Mass Index (BMI), you should take lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

    You should eat six small meal portions stretched across the day and add three snacks in between the three main meals. These meals should be well balanced and should with about three to four oz. of protein, nuts and seeds. Avoid fruits as they contain latent sugar, and consume a maximum vegetable, which are water based and contains chlorophyll, helpful in detoxification.

    It is safe to stick to water as a drink. You can just add a dash of lime or lemon to taste. Refrain from all kinds of soft drinks which contain sugar. You should try to avoid alcohol, energy drinks and electrolyte drinks. In fact, you should say no to anything, which has sugar. If coffee is a must for you, then drink it black and bitter. Milk will fatten you so it should be avoided.

    Never take diet pills; they can cause damage to your body. On stopping it, you are likely to gain the weight which you fought so hard to lose. Weight Loss is no easy joke; you will have to work for it. What you need to take is Multivitamins. They will help you to fight the shock that your body will suffer when it losses weight so rapidly. You can also take Probiotics that are high in Lactobacillus acidophilus, which will help in the digestive process.

    If you are not in the habit of exercising, then you should start with walking for 30 minutes. Then you can increase it to one minute walk and one minute run. Slowly, you can increase your running time. However, please donít start off on an intense rapid program suddenly.

    It is not compulsory for you to go to the gym. You can always exercise at home. Do push up, squats, lunges, and sit up, jump ropes, pull-up, and dips. However, if you do have a gym membership, that would be an added advantage. What you need to do is go in for a 30 minute intense workout that could work at your whole body. Work out a program, add equipments if you can afford it, and then stick to it, and youíll be sure to get results.

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