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    5 reasons why Creatine does not work for you!

    Creatine is bodybuilding and weight training one of the most popular dietary supplements.At a very high number of consumers there are also many people in which creatine somehow did not seem to work really. But it is the athlete himself, have to blame that the substance does not "work" or is it the substance? We would like to enlighten you on this issue!

    Reason 1: Creatine is not occupied continuously!

    Creatine is a highly effective supplement, which lets you to increase your performance and promote muscle growth. There are massive white studies that distinguish creatine as "the power Supplement". In competitive and professional sports most athletes were from the area springiness ever contact with the substance. Creatine is hardly taken into charge cycles today, much more has become the Dauersupplementation established with temporary paragraphs as standard. It is important to continuously take the drug in order to raise the creatine levels in the body, thus providing an "extra" energy for explosive strength. This is where the first error arises. Creatine is taken irregularly and therefore missed its effect. We with many substances is the effect of this substance by a continuous income dependent. Who irregular takes creatine need not be surprised if he does not feel any effect.

    Reason 2: The wrong amounts are consumed!

    The topic of income levels is also important in creatine. You should take at least 3.5 to 5 grams of creatine per day. We recommend a day between 5 - to consume 8 grams of creatine, to be sure from the recovery in number. When you eat about 10-12 grams of creatine per day throws his money out the window, because the body can in most cases not more creatine than 10 - take 12 grams a day and use for themselves. In addition, many athletes do not overdose creatine and thus have problems of the gastrointestinal tract. then they think that they just do not tolerate creatine and avoid the substance completely. Our tip: use 1 - 2 days to increase slowly and take in mild intolerance during the meal.

    Reason 3: Your training is not good!

    Creatine is not a panacea and can not make a bad workout better. Anyone who has previously poorly trained and can not put a muscle stimulus, which will of course can expect with creatine no performance leaps. Who carries a solid training that can by creatine with a power increase of up to 20 - 30% expected. These maximum values ​​are amazing when one considers that it is a dietary supplement and not a pharmaceutical product. Even if creatine supplementation leads only to an increase in output of 15%, this result is very good. Do not expect anything from creatine if your training is bad!
    Reason 4: You are a so-called non-responders!

    Even in the case of creatine, there are so-called non-Repsonder, people do not respond to the substance. As with any substance, each organism will react differently to a substance. Sized quantities of creatine is efficiently used by every body. Some people synthesize much creatine, so they do not use the externally supplied creatine anyway. Around 15-18% of all athletes respond to creatine supplementation with no positive effect. Your body does not require supplementation. This reason is the only one you yourself can not influence.Reason 5: You think creatine would do the work for you!

    It is also interesting to see that many athletes differ at a creatine from their normal training habits because they expect something "special" of creatine. As mentioned above, you need to be aware that it is not a miracle cure you. Training and nutrition must be coordinated to you and be thoughtfully. Creatine is in our opinion not really suitable for beginners.Conclusion!

    Creatine is one of the most effective substances for athletic performance and muscle growth. In most cases, their own mistakes lead to the creatine does not work. Watch out for the mentioned reasons and avoid the errors associated with it in order to make effective creatine for you. If you are looking around creatine for more information, stop by our article archive!

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    Circuit advertisement 5 reasons why Creatine does not work for you!
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    If we don't eat so much oily things our creatine remains in working thing...

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