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    4 Strategies and tune fat loss massively

    Just before the summer, all fitness freaks fight usually with the last stubborn pockets of fat that you still want to get rid of. It's no longer about eliminating more fat pads. This was usually done already during the last few weeks and months. If you would like to be fit in the summer, then in any case has no longer take the time tens kilos in time. But this latest nasty pounds that it still applies rid of before you can see the six pack finally, these are precisely the hardest kilos. But how do you get this away? What strategies should unpack?

    Strategy 1: HIIT first, then steady state cardio

    This idea originated from Lyle McDonald. He has presented in his book "Stubborn Fat Solution".The aim is to complete a HIIT before a normal cardio workout. And the best in the fasting state or at least 4-6 hours after the last meal. This approach enhances the effect again. It is a matter of achieving a maximum adrenaline via a short HIIT, which will then push the release of fat properly.After a short break after HIIT about 5 minutes, it then goes to the steady state cardio for about 30-40 minutes or longer. Because this training promotes blood flow to stubborn fat and helps transport the released fatty acids and burn. Especially the last kilos can go as well to the collar.

    Strategie 2: Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent fasting can help to come up with fewer calories more clear. This ensures that you eat fewer meals and brings in his calories in shorter periods of time, it works well in general, to fill you up with fewer calories longer term. Fasting then no longer makes all too much trouble. At the same time has fast similar influences on the fatty tissue, as already Strategy 1. The blood flow to stubborn fat tissue is improved and optimized the adrenaline. The release of fat is therefore much more effective and fat loss can be especially but again simplified to the stubborn areas.

    Strategy 3: Heavy training takes easy pumping

    Especially if you are on a diet you should prefer heavy training as possible, favoring instead to pump a lot of volume with light weights. Make absolutely sure. Just as a diet when it comes to rid the last stubborn pockets of fat you should more like a powerlifter and less like the pumping rate in the studio work. Make sure that you hang neatly weight and absolvierst clean repetitions. but if the weights are heavy, it is even more important to take any chances. Safety first! Injuries take you only off track. So take any risks. That `s not worth it!

    Strategy 4: Supplement Properly

    Properly supplement means in the case to choose supplements that can support your fat loss proven. This includes things like caffeine, green tea extract or yohimbe or forskolin. Such Supps can specifically help then when you have to fight with the last kilos. One should not only make the mistake to enter too early with such Supps. So if you carries around 15% body fat and more with him who has to worry about fat burners and Co. make.

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