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    Sole F80 Treadmill (2011 Model) Review

    Exercising has never been easier thanks to all of the great workout machines you can use in the comfort of your own home, including the Sole F80 Treadmill (2011 Model). But, while getting a quality workout at home is easier, choosing the right product isn't when you have so many to choose from. With the promise of a brand new technology that sets this treadmill apart from the others, I just had to look into it and see if really does deliver while on the hunt for my own home gym goodies. Here you can see just what this baby's got to offer and whether or not it's worth investing your money and health into.

    Features Say It All
    Typical of every buyer, a closer look and scrutiny at what a particular brand has to offer spells a big difference when it comes to making a purchase of any kind, but even more so when it's an expensive gadget, or in this case a treadmill. If features are what you're after in your treadmill, then you just may be as impressed as I was with all the Sole F80 Treadmill (2011 Model) has got to offer for your dollar:

    Space Saver
    This foldable treadmill saves you on a lot of space especially when not in use. Likewise, it can be used anywhere you feel comfortable of exercising. You can even bring it along if you intend to take a long weekend getaway at a faraway place. Folding the treadmill is as easy as ABC because of its Easy Assist folding deck design feature. You will be amazed at how this thing works. All it takes is to release the deck and it will unfold on its own.

    3HP continuous-duty motor
    The sole F80 provides the user with a non-stop treadmill experience that is without hitches. Definitely user-friendly.

    LCD Display and Speakers with Audio Cable
    Imagine having to accurately keep track of your entire treadmill experience with Sole F80's 7.5 inch LCD display. Sleek and flashy, this is especially helpful especially for somebody who is very much conscious about speed, pulse rate and the like. (Some of us just wanna get on and run!) Most of all, it comes with speakers and audio cables wherein you can have your MP3 plugged for some entertainment, which as far as I'm concerned is crucial when it comes to working out. Let's face it; walking and running in your home can get dull real fast if you don't have some good tunes or television to keep you going! And, in case you want to review how far you have gone and what progress you have achieved during the entire routine, you can always check on the super cool dashboard.

    Cushion Flex
    What makes F80's newest model different from the previous releases is its Cushion Flex deck. This added feature works to lessen the impact that your entire routine will cause your knees, hips, ankles and other parts of the body that are affected by the exercise. Accordingly, about 40% of the impact is reduced compared when you are running on an asphalted path. It also minimizes one's risk of acquiring the exercise-related injuries that tend to affect certain parts of the body while running.

    What sets the Sole F80 apart from other treadmill brands are the materials used. Its made from frames that are power coated. They also come with steel welded and heavy duty frames. It's flywheel; is meant to be heavier to ensure that runners are given the fluid motion similar to those at the gym.
    Varied workout options

    With the Sole F80, you can choose from among its many workout options. The equipment has 6 standard workouts. It also has 2 custom workouts and another one which is a 2 HR-controlled workout. You can program your own workout depending on what you feel is more comfortable to you. As such, whether you are a pro, an amateur or just a beginner, Sole F80 has a workout intended for you. In case you do not find any of the options available, why not customize your own?
    One good thing about this equipment is it allows you to check on your progress. Thus, you can always stop when you feel that you have already hit your target, which for some of us can't come soon enough!

    Added features
    Other than these excellent features that come with every purchase of Sole F80, the equipment comes with cooling fans to keep you refreshed while in the middle of a strenuous workout. Controls for the speed and incline are placed on the arm rests for ease and functionality. Experience shows that controls found in the console can be very awkward to locate especially when because you have to go out of your way to reach out for them. Having them on the arm rests is not only a lot more convenient, but safer too!

    Lifetime Warranty
    People who purchase the Sole F80 get a lifetime warranty as far as the motor, deck, electronics and frame are concerned. Even labor within five years is covered by the side warranty which is awesome.

    The Benefits
    Sole F80 has made it possible for the whole family to exercise. Going to the gym needs patience and discipline. However, with Sole F80 you can have your daily workout even in pajamas. It's also something that the whole family can make use of. Best of all, the machine, if used properly will be able to bring many health benefits. It will make you lose weight and it will encourage you to follow a healthy lifestyle.

    What Others Are Saying
    The Sole F80 is indeed a worthy brand according to the many reviews I came across. There was a lot of mention of it being made from quality and durable materials which is, of course, important when you're looking for a sturdy piece of equipment. Most also found its features pretty impressive. The few issues mentioned were from some people who feel that some of the many features are something that the machine can do without. There was also mention of the sound quality not being the greatest on the speakers. If you want to find out everything that others have said about the product, you can always check out the many reviews on Amazon.com.

    Where to Buy It
    The Sole F80 Treadmill (2011 Model) can be purchased from Amazon and from what I found in my research, that's where you'll likely get the best deal. Shipping is free and the items are delivered straight to your doorstep quickly. You can't ask for much more.

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