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    Health & Fitness Care - All in One [PART-2]

    This article is the continuation of Health & Fitness Care - All in One [PART-1]

    Diet Corner
    Your diet plays a major role in determining how healthy you will be. So make sure you eat the right foods, at the right time.

    The very word 'diet' can make the bravest of us quake in fear, especially those of us who equate diet with starving.

    This diet doesn't require that you starve. In fact, you can eat all you want, as long as you eat the right stuff.

    And what is this 'right stuff' of which you can eat any amount?

    The answer is green vegetables. Needless to say, if you cook the vegetables in oil, you're not going to get very far with your weight loss plan. Most Indians don't believe that it is possible to cook a meal without using a whole lot of oil. Nothing can be further from the truth. Vegetables taste great when they are saut?, using very little oil. And if you must use oil, try and use extra virgin olive oil.

    The greatest gift you can give your family is a wholesome diet. You can eat tasty and unhealthy, and you can eat tasty and healthy. Most of us opt for the tasty and unhealthy because it seems to be the easiest option. Making the right, healthy choice will by far impact our health, and our weight, favorably.

    Eat a variety of foods. Don't stick to the same five vegetables and Daals all the time! By eating various foods, you are likely to meet a much broader range of nutritional requirements. In addition, if you eat something which you eat very seldom, your family is probably not going to mind if it is cooked in a different way, and not cooked in oil.

    Always opt for food that is produced locally, and that is in season. Buying foods transported from far really makes no sense. In the first place, it is far more expensive. In the second place, since it comes from far, it is possible that it is packed with preservatives. Stay away from packaged foods. They have very little food value, and are packed with fats, salt and sugar. The lower processed the food, the better the food value. It is better to prepare food from scratch. Add spices to compensate for the lack of oil in your food.

    However, in this article we are not just concerned about eating healthy. We also want to know what we should avoid, in order to lose weight.

    Stay away from sugar. This is possibly the hardest requirement of all, but it is a must if you are serious about losing weight. It may be hard for you to deprive yourself of sweet indefinitely, and it may not work, so the best thing to do would be to set a target for yourself. Decide that you will not eat anything that has sugar in it, for a month. If you don't think you can do this, opt for a saccharine-free sugar substitute. Try Sugarite, which is sugar without the calories, or Stugar, which is a natural sweeter made from a South American plant, and has around 1 calorie per teaspoon as opposed to 20 calories in a spoon of sugar.

    Health Equipment
    Safety is a major concern in the bathroom. Raised toilet seats, bath chairs, and bathtub transfer benches can provide independence and maintain dignity for people who need a little extra help.

    Commodes and shower commode chairs can make a world of difference for someone who is disabled or recuperating after injury or illness. Featuring brands like Guardian by Sunrise, Invacare, and Drive we have a full selection of commodes to fit your short or long term mobility needs.

    Nutritional supplements and replacements are often recommended to create or maintain a balanced diet. We carry the major brands from Nestle and Novartis, including the Resource and Carnation Instant Breakfast lines, as well as Benefiber Fiber supplement in powder or juice form.

    Thickeners and pre thickened beverages are designed to help people with dysphagia maintain proper nutrition and hydration. We have the full line of Resource, the leading brand of thickened beverages, including thickened water, Dairy Thick thickened milk, thickened juice and thickened coffee.

    Transport chairs and wheelchairs in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges to fit most needs by leading manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Invacare, and Lumex Graham Field.

    Mind And Spirit
    Do you hear a call from inside yourself - a persistent sound that you can barely hear over the drone of your everyday life - of work, family, friends, and the stressful pace? Do you hear yourself saying that you need to nurture your soul in a different and more meaningful way? If your answer is "Yes", then it's time to answer that call. You can begin here by exploring the world of Body Mind Spirit Journeys.

    Learn more below about our Sacred Journeys, Wellness Tours, Women's Sacred Travel, and our new BMSJ "Lite" Tours. Then picture yourself standing in the ancient circle of Stonehenge in England, or gazing in awe at the Great Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt. See yourself walking the Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France, or commining with the ancient Oracle of Delphi in Greece. Participate in Celtic rituals to the Triple Goddess at stone circles in Ireland, or traditional Andean shamanic ceremonies in Machu Picchu, Peru. Meditate in ancient temples in India and Sri Lanka. Experience the spiritual energies in monasteries in Tibet or at the powerful vortexes in the Red Rock Country of Sedona.

    Mind Spirit Journeys division, catering to the person with a curiosity about sacred travel. It features tours that are locally hosted or operated in conjunction with other spiritual travel companies with just enough spirituality to satisfy that inquisitiveness for some, while whetting the appetite for those who wish to eventually "graduate" to the more deeply sacred tours offered

    Health Features
    Moms-to-be should eat peanuts to protect babies from allergies

    LONDON: Good news for moms-to-be! You no longer need to avoid peanuts during pregnancy to help shield your baby from allergies.

    Diets rich in carbohydrates linked to fatty liver

    WASHINGTON: A new study has revealed that along with expanding waistlines, diets rich in rapidly-digested carbohydrates may also.

    Washing hands with soap and warm water is the best way to fight C difficile

    WASHINGTON: According to a new study, the most effective way health care workers can eliminate Clostridium. difficile bacteria.

    Paralysed people can now operate computers with chin

    NEW DELHI: People paralysed below the neck now can work on computers with their chin, thanks to a special 'chin stick' the Indian.

    Long-term mobile use may damage high frequency hearing ability

    WASHINGTON: A new study suggests that long-term use of a cell phone may damage a persons inner ear and high frequency hearing.

    Overuse of antibiotics could raise intestinal disorders as they kill useful bacteria from the body, says a study that found such infection in 16 states of the US.

    The infection - C. difficile - often strikes older hospital patients treated with antibiotics, reported news portal NorthJersey.com.
    C. difficile causes severe diarrhoea and other potentially life-threatening complications. But scientists say it has also begun spreading among people of all ages even who have not been hospitalised or used antibioticsLive Chat Support

    "The widespread use of antibiotics, particularly their inappropriate use, has contributed to the increased incidence of C. difficile," the researchers said. "It's important that people do not take them unnecessarily or demand them from doctors."

    The disorder is usually treated with other antibiotics such as vancomycin and metronidazole. But antibiotic-resistant strains have been identified. h

    "This is very much in the forefront of epidemiology right now," said Cristina Cicogna of Hackensack University Medical Center at New Jersey.

    In New Jersey, the germ has killed over 400 people since 1997. In 2004, there were 25 known outbreaks in hospitals of the region.

    According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the infection has so far been reported in 16 US states, including New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

    Spiritual Health
    By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it; and its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right; truly he succeeds that purifies it, and he fails that corrupts it!
    (Al-Shams 91:7-10)
    But those will prosper who purify themselves. (Al-Ala 87:14)
    We human beings do not have only our body and mind; we also have a soul. Soul is sometimes described as spirit (Al-Ruh) or heart (Al-Qalb). We know that our heart has physical functions, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that it does not have any spiritual functions. The soul probably resides in the heart or is attached to it. Soul is the inner dimension of our being. It is related to the body and mind as well, but it has its own being and existence, most probably, in or near the heart.

    Spiritual health is as important, if not more, as the physical and mental health. On the physical and mental health depend our meaningful life and success in this world, but on the spiritual health depends our success and salvation both in this world and in the hereafter.

    Imam Ghazali in his book Ihya says that every organ of our body has a function; when it fails to do its functions, it means it is not well. The function of the soul or the spiritual heart is to know its Creator, to love Him and to seek closeness to Him. If the heart fails in this function then we must know that it is sick.

    It is important to know the ailments that make the heart weak and sick. In the language of the Quran it is not only the eyes that get blind; the hearts also become blind.

    Walking is increasingly being rated as an excellent means of getting fit and healthy. It is a natural form of exercise that we do every day to some extent.

    The risks of suffering an injury are low as long as you follow a gradual program and don't do too much too soon. All you need are a pair of comfortable shoes with adequate support and shock absorption and a watch with a second hand if you want to measure the intensity of your walk by measuring your heart rate. The benefits that you derive from walking are dependent on many factors that include, how frequently you walk, the distance covered and the intensity of your walks.

    While a half-hour amble through the forest might do wonders to reduce your stress levels, it would not do much in terms of weight loss. However, a program of regular brisk walking (six to eight km), combined with an energy-controlled, low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet should cut some body fat.

    Alternative Therapies
    Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine is a forum for sharing information concerning the practical use of alternative therapies in preventing and treating disease, healing illness, and promoting health.
    Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine is a peer-reviewed healthcare journal that has been indexed in the National Library of Medicine since 1996.

    The physician had observed that Peruvian or China bark was prescribed to combat malaria but also caused malaria-like symptoms in healthy people.

    Hahnemann then tried out several other plant, animal and mineral substances on volunteers and himself and kept a diary of the symptoms and developed numerous medicines in this way.

    "Hahnemann knew 140 medicines. Today there are between 3,000 and 4,000," says Karl-Wilhelm Steuernagel, chairman of the German Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhae) in Bonn.

    In his main work "Organon", published in 1810, Hahnemann explained holistic medicine and the cause of illness, which he saw as a dysfunction of the life force in the body.

    Mental Health
    All of us have experienced some form anxiety in our lives; those sweating palms before the start of an examination; the pounding heart on going to the stage, are features of Anxiety. Anxiety to an extent is useful in that it focuses our attention on the job at hand but too much of it and we just mess up everything. Find out what are the factors causing Anxiety and what you can do to handle it more effectively.
    Panic Attacks - Panic Attacks can resemble any thing from an Attack of Severe Anxiety to a Heart Attack. Panic Attacks can be very incapacitating, but at the same time seeking correct professional help goes a long way in treating them.

    Depression - Depression, according to the World Health Organization, is THE THIRD MOST COMMON ILLNESS IN THE WORLD. It is more than just a bad mood or feeling low. The good thing is, it can be readily treated.

    Demystifying visit to a psychiatrist - A visit to a psychiatrist brings up images of a person lying down on a couch and the doctor taking notes, or images of a person hypnotizing you and knowing all about you. Contrary to all these psychiatrists use scientifically proven techniques which are pretty effective. Find out about the various therapies and techniques used in psychiatry.

    Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy (ECT)- It is a technique which is understood commonly as a shock therapy. It is very effective and harmless form of therapy which is tried and tested over time and used in many cases of mental disorders.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - The Boy could not stop washing his hands.......The woman could not stop checking the lock..... The man could no stop himself from praying to God again & again...... Out of every 10 patients coming to the psychiatrist, one patient is suffering from this illness.

    Sexual Health
    Sex, like most other functions of our body is a normal process. As other functions, like for example, the digestion, can be upset by factors like a bad mood, stress or similar such things, so can the sexual function be disturbed by a whole lot of factors. These may not necessarily involve the anatomy but instead its the mind, which makes the difference.
    If sex is allowed to happen naturally, in a relaxed way, our bodies will respond normally without any conscious effort on our part.

    There are a wide variety of problem or situations that can upset the normal sexual responsiveness, most of them, fortunately, can be helped in a positive manner by understanding on our part. Here are a few of the most common amongst them and ways to improve:

    Misunderstanding and/or lack of information about sex :

    Its indeed one of the most telling ironies that Sex, despite being one of the most commonly discussed topic in our lives and in the media, there is a surprising lack of correct information about What to Expect and How to Act.

    Those images of the Perfect Macho Man and The Perfect Sensual Woman on the TV and in the Magazines make us feel that Sex instead of being a perfectly normal natural and enjoyable thing, is an Act to be Performed to Perfection. All this does it to add to the confusion and leads to unrealistic fears, expectations and fantasies.

    Bad feelings about Sex and its consequences -

    1. Fear of pregnancy; Fear of pain; Fear of being caught / heard / or interrupted.
    2. Performance Anxiety-Fear of failing to perform well.
    3. Fear of losing control (during orgasm) and /or becoming vulnerable.
    4. Looking unattractive during the climax.
    5. Bad feelings about yourself or your body like, feeling that the body is unattractive. Feelings that I am not successful (low self-esteem).

    Problems in relationship
    Anger/resentment against the partner should be resolved as it can decrease the performance and pleasure while having sex.

    Unsuitable circumstances
    While a Quickie sometimes can be fun! But normally Good Sex requires a relaxed mind and body. Too much of a hurry, tiredness or preoccupation can rob you of the pleasures of Sex.

    Alternative Healing
    Alternative medicine is simply an alternative to what you're likely to find in a typical American hospital. While most doctors will give you an odd look if you mention "energy healing" there are a few who won't. Of course, what's alternative here (in the US) might well be mainstream in other parts of the world.

    This site is here to help you explore avenues for inner growth, alternative healing, overall health, and a couple of other things.

    Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body.

    In this overview you will discover the healing properties of these gemstones and crystals and learn how bring about true changes to your life.

    For me, gemstone therapies have energized me, healed illness, helped me break bad habits, healed dog bites, and changed my life. This is true energy medicine.

    This information is offered here as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment. No guarantee is made towards validity. Use this information at your own risk. This is my personal belief on how high quality gemstones work for me.

    Yoga has been adapted to a broad variety of applications. While these are not technically different types of yoga, they are distinct applications that appeal to a specific segment of the population. Yoga is becoming popular for adults and children who wish to apply its many benefits to a specific situation, such as pregnancy, performance in a sport, or as a therapeutic modality for physical illnesses or conditions, as described below.
    Pregnancy Yoga - Yoga is becoming increasingly popular for women during pregnancy and after giving birth. Women are finding yoga to a gentle form of exercise which keeps their bodies toned as they progress through pregnancy and prepare for childbirth. During childbirth, a woman can rely on the physical strength and mental focus she gained through her yoga practice to deliver her baby with minimal intervention. Post-partum yoga helps a woman regain her muscle tone and can even be a bonding experience with her baby.

    Yoga for Kids - As more parents enjoy the benefits of yoga, they are finding ways to introduce their children to the practice. Also, schools are finding the practice of hatha yoga to be beneficial for students in the areas of confidence, physical fitness, concentration, and more. Special needs children are benefitting greatly from yoga programs tailored to their specific concerns too.

    Yoga for Sports - Athletes in all areas of sports from golf and diving to baseball and football are finding the great benefits of a yoga practice for agility, fitness and mental clarity. There is an excellent array of resources from books to videos which provide yoga routines targeted to the need of specific sports. Yoga Journal features monthly poses beneficial for various sports from skating to tennis.

    Therapeutic Yoga - Yoga is becoming an important therapeutic modality as health care practitioners begin to shift focus from a masking or cover up of symptoms to a treatment of the root cause of various conditions. Doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and yoga teachers/therapists are working hand in hand to treat a wide array of medical conditions from scoliosis to heart disease.

    If you want to lose weight, cardiovascular exercise is a must.
    If you haven't been exercising at all, start by walking a few blocks. Gradually increase the speed and the duration. Once you feel that you are ready, try jogging.
    Jogging may seem overwhelming, especially if you have never jogged before. 43-year-old Sita had wanted to start jogging for a while, and would always say, "My aim is to be able to jog a round of this park without stopping." So her friend Latha one day said "Why don't you jog with me," and Sita said, "Oh no, I will not be able to jog at all. Maybe after some time, when I feel like I have enough stamina."

    A month later, she met Latha again. When Latha asked her if she had started jogging, Sita admitted that she had not. Latha then said, "Look, why don't you jog with me, and don't set any target for yourself. Just jog as much as you can, and stop the minute you feel a little tired. It doesn't matter even if you jog two steps."

    So, Sita agreed, and she jogged besides Latha for a minute before stopping. After that she made it a point to jog at least that distance everyday. Gradually, she increased the distance and, a few months later, she was able to jog an entire round of the park!

    Set realistic goals for your exercise routine, or you will get disheartened. Sita's goal was not to straight away jog ten rounds of the park. Do this, and you will lose heart before long. Almost everyone tries to start jogging at some point or the other, and then they start detesting it and give it up. This is because they push themselves to breakpoint the very first day, and then just cannot sustain the pace.

    The best thing to do would be to start very gradually. Jog until you can, and stop when you feel tired. The next time you go for a jog, aim to jog at least the same amount. If you very nearly killed yourself the first time round, the second time you will be able to reach the same distance with a great deal off difficulty, and will dread your jogging session the third time. Even if you do manage to push yourself, you will finally give up trying to equal your first time, and will consequently get disheartened. So, start gradually.

    Aim to reach a level of vigorous exercise. Walking is a great exercise, it will help you lose some weight, and it will help prevent you from putting on more, but if you want to reap all the benefits of walking, make sure you walk at a brisk pace. The key is to increase your heartbeat.

    Make your weight loss program a priority and put it above everything else. Just like your job timings are inflexible, and you work all your other activities around your office schedule, so also make an exercise schedule and never waiver. If you have to go for a movie, buy tickets for a show after your workout, or don't go. If you have to meet friends for a drink after work, join them a little later, after completing your workout.

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