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    Health & Fitness Care - All in One [PART-1]

    We have been busy searching out the best and most useful eBooks available on the internet today. But not just any old subject or any old book!
    We have made it our mission to seek out the highest quality eBooks on issues which can affect us at any time in our lives.


    Health-Fitness-Lifestyle has books on the following subjects:

    How to get a better night's sleep, How to ease allergies, Coping with diabetes, Coping with hearing loss, Overcoming shyness, Overcoming depression

    Nothing there to interest you? Then take a look here to discover many more eBooks on subjects which may be more to your liking.

    Health & Fitness Advices

    Select fitness equipment that most suits your requirements, interests you and which you will enjoy using. Think first what type of exercise you prefer and what aspect of your condition you want to improve in particular. You'll get the best results by using different equipment to make exercising as varied and motivating as possible.

    Don't forget to STRETCH!

    Remember to stretch before and after exercising. Stretching helps to keep your muscles and ligaments flexible, avoid strains and injuries and releases tension. Do the movements slowly and repeat two to five times both sides. (Our Fitness File provides a clear guide to simple but effective stretches for use before and after your workout.)

    How do I keep myself motivated?

    It's easy to start exercising - but even easier to stop! All our fitness equipment has been chosen BECAUSE each product offers variety, easy-to-read monitors that chart your progress during a workout and, in many cases, personal programs and long-term updates on your performance.

    And finally...

    Don't overdo it. Beginners should start at low resistance levels (see the section How hard? to help you find the right training level for you). If you don't sleep well after exercising, feel especially tired, have a headache or your pulse doesn't return to normal in 10 minutes, you have overtaxed your body. Continuous fatigue, an unwillingness to exercise and perhaps a lack of appetite are all signs of overexertion and you must tone down your training program.

    Remember to rest enough! If you are not used to training, have a day's break between exercises. Only rested muscles are ready for the next workout. If you are already fit enough, you can train almost daily as long as you remember not to overdo things.

    • Be careful to warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards.
    • Drink enough during exercise and after you have finished.
    • Training must not hurt.
    • Wear suitable clothing and shoes.

    Fitness Tip

    Each day, we you new Fitness Tip from our extensive archive. Become a Fantasy Fit client and you'll have access to the entire library. In the meantime, check back here daily for a new tip.

    Don't we need to include some dietary cholesterol in our diets since it is needed by our bodies?

    Your body does need blood cholesterol but your liver produces enough blood cholesterol to fulfill your body's needs. You do not need to consume any additional dietary cholesterol in your diet. To keep your cholesterol within healthy limits keep your fat intake low and avoid saturated (from animal sources) fat. Make sure your diet consists of plenty of fiber and fruits and vegetables (strive for at least five servings).

    Food & Nutrition for Men

    Man needs a wide range of nutrients to perform various functions in the body and to lead a healthy life. The nutrients include proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are chemical substances which are present in the food we eat daily. The foods containing these nutrients which we consume daily are classified as cereals, legumes (pulses), nuts and oil-seeds, vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products and flesh foods (fish, meat and poultry)

    Man needs all these nutrients, i.e.. energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals in different amounts to grow, live and thrive. Since man derives all the nutrients he needs through the diets he eats, his diets must be well balanced to provide all the nutrients in proper proportions. In planning a diet for the community, foods have to be chosen in proper amounts to provide all the nutrients in required amounts and also keeping in view the dietary habits and availability of foods.

    Men's Health

    Despite the age old assumption that men are the stronger sex, medical studies reveal that they are more likely to fall victim to serious diseases and to die prematurely before reaching old age than women. A lot could be done to enjoy a healthier life, by taking care and adopting a healthy lifestyle with regards to diet, exercise and habits.

    Smoking and tobacco-related health complications are the single largest cause of preventable, premature death. A smoke can cost the life of a loved one so Stop Smoking, don't delay it.

    Stick to the limits....save your life......

    A safe limit of alcohol consumption is 14 units per week. i.e. a unit is a single pub measure of a hard drink. But don't finish off your weekly allowance in one sitting.

    Women's Health
    Hey, doesn't she look great even after 40?.... every women like to hear this appreciation.But many of them fail to fight the effects of aging due to their life style, tension related to their home and office, several diseases etc.

    Cervical cancer or cancer of the cervix is an abnormal growth of malignant (cancer) cells in the cervix.

    Breast Cancer

    Sometimes abnormal cells develop in the breast tissue, forming a lump or tumor. This is the most common type of cancer in women.

    The breast has several lobes, which are divided into lobules and end in the milk glands. Tiny ducts run from the many tiny glands, connect together, and end in the nipple. Any tissue in the breast can be affected and it will destroy the nearby tissues also. Usually the cancer arises from tissue that forms milk ducts. There are at least 15 different kinds, depending on the site of development . Both women and men can develop breast cancer, but it is very rare in men.

    Breast cancer occurs more commonly in the left breast than the right and more commonly in the outer upper quadrant. The tumor may distort the shape of the breast or the texture of the skin as it becomes larger. It can be detected when it grow large enough to either be felt or seen on a mammogram.

    The cancer cells spread through the specialised channels in the breast called lymphatics to the lymph nodes to form tumors. It also spread or metasize to the other parts of the body through the blood stream. It spreads through the right side of the heart to the lungs, and eventually to the other breasts, the chest wall, liver, bone and brain. Spreading of the tumor to other parts of the body can cause death.

    Breast cancer can be classified by histologic appearance and location of the lesion.

    • Adenocarcinoma - arising from the epithelium.
    • Intraductal - developing within the ducts
    • Infiltrating - Occurring in parenchyma of the breast.
    • Inflammatory - reflecting rapid tumor growth, in which the overlying skin become edematous, inflamed and in-durated.
    • Lobular carcinoma in situ - reflecting tumor growth involving lobes of glandular tissue.
    • Medullary or circumscribed - large tumor with rapid growth rate.

    Children's Health

    Children are an integral part of every parent's life. From infancy to adolescence to young adulthood they need special care as they are more vulnerable to disease than adults. Every parent should be aware of the symptoms and its implications for the healthy growth and well being of their children.

    Few newborns look picture perfect at birth. They have many variations in normal appearance - from color of the skin to its texture to the shape of the head. Some of these differences are just temporary, part of the physical adjustments a baby goes through. Mentally, mostly all babies are awake and alert during the first few hours after birth.

    Physical appearance:

    The head may look pointed due of pressure during birth. It would become normal in two weeks. When you touch on the top of your baby's head, you can feel a soft spot. This is the part where the bones of the skull have not joined together. It becomes normal when your child is 16-18 months.

    You will find little marks, spots and rashes, red or greenish blue on the skin of your new born baby. This is completely normal and some babies may have more than others. Skin may be peeling on the hands and feet and some babies may have noticeable downy body hair. But all these will disappear on their own accord.

    First Aid Tips for Everyone

    There are certain things you should keep in handy and it is better to know how to deal with certain harmful situations which may arise in your life.
    So get an idea by going through our first aid section.

    Animal Bites First Aid

    • Wash the wound for at least 5 minutes with soap and water to flush out animal saliva.
    • Apply an antiseptic (i.e. hydrogen peroxide)
    • Apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection
    • Rinse thoroughly and cover with a dressing or clean cloth.
    • A doctor should be contacted if swelling, increasing redness, or drainage occurs, or if there are flu-like symptoms, fever, or swollen glands.

    Snake Bite First Aid

    • Check the snakebite for puncture wounds.
    • The type of snake must be identified to help the doctor to recognize the poison gone in and if the snake is killed, it must be taken to the hospital with the patient.
    • Clean the wound. Be sure to wipe away from the bite.
    • Tie a piece of cloth or thread (just tight enough to cut off blood flow through the veins keeping the venom from reaching the heart) 2-3 inches above the injury. You can use a tie as a tourniquet and it should be applied with in 30 minutes of the bite to be effective.
    • Squeeze the incised area to extrude poison from the wound by mechanical suction or even a breast pump.
    • Keep the wound at or below the heart level.
    • Keep the victim calm and lying down. The more the victim moves, the faster the venom spreads through the body.
    • Keep the part cool as warmth hastens the absorption of venom.

    General Health Tips for Everyone

    Healing Pain
    Most of the diseases usually appear in the form of pains. Pains may be a sign of diseases, health problems, can be a warning given by the body on disruption of our daily routine. Consulting a Doctor is the only remedy to find the cause of pain. However, there are some effective home remedies you can try out to make your pain bearable

    Joint Pain
    People may think that intake of medicine and surgery are the only remedies for joint pain. But there are certain tips for reducing sudden joint pain

    Back Pain
    Back pain can occur due to bad posture, pressure on the back muscles and from taking too much weight at once. Certain ways to cope with your pain.

    Stomach Ache
    Stomach pain can occur commonly due to indigestion, acidity, menstrual cramps etc. Some women suffer pain after delivery. Natural ways to deal with the various sort of pains.

    Ear Ache
    Ear pain can occur due to allergy, filling of wax in the ear, chillness, entry of any foreign body in the ear or infection in the Eustachian tube which connects ear, nose and throat.

    Tooth Ache
    Only those who have suffered toothache can know the severity of it. Toothache can be a sign of tooth decay. Only a Dental doctor can find the real cause of the pain. But let's try out some ways at home to control the pain.

    Neck Pain
    Neck pain can be due to improper habits in our daily routine or improper posture which cause pressure on the neck.

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