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    Pregnancy: Exercise and nutrition during pregnancy

    Being pregnant is not an excuse to let yourself go, eat poorly and pile up weight. There are things you can do to be in good shape while being pregnant. Although there are general guidelines, individual circumstances and body constitution differ. This is why it is highly recommended you see your doctor before you start an exercise regimen or alter your diet during pregnancy. By becoming well informed, you become an equal partner with your doctor in your healthcare delivery rather than a passive onlooker.

    Research has demonstrated that even a few extra kilograms above the recommended weight gain amount increases a woman's chances of retaining excess weight after pregnancy and becoming obese in the long-term. Also, the baby may become to big and require assistance to come out. Given that this added weight increases the risk of long-term obesity in both the mother and the infant, preventing the excessive weight gain in the first place is crucial.

    The other extreme group of women is those who exhibit very poor appetite while pregnant as nausea and vomiting of the first trimester may prevent them from eating enough. The fear of having a “big baby” prevents them from eating adequately in the second and third trimester. The result of this is poor weight gain and extremely small babies with a higher risk of complications and intervention in pregnancy and labor.

    You need to make your diet as natural as possible. You can hardly go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Quantity wise, you will require extra calories of about 250 extra calories a day. The quality of what you eat is more important than the quantity. Spread your meals over the day instead of eating “heavy” infrequent meals, it is better to eat “light” frequent meals. This will help with the excessive nausea and vomiting experienced in the first trimester. In terms of quality, note that junk such as fries, meat pies, hamburgers and chocolate bars don’t benefits the baby much and your body eventually converts it to fat, so don’t binge on them.

    Cut down on soft drinks, such as cola and sweetened fruit juice, sweet and chocolate bars, artificial cream, sweetened breakfast cereal, ice cream, and sorbets that contain added sugar, saurries that contain sugar. What you should eat is a balance diet with carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals are all necessary. Protein is the most relevant for your baby as it contains amino acids which are the building blocks of the body. Your body require 20 different types of amino acid. 12 of them are produced by the body (non-essential amino acids). The other 8 must be provided by the food you eat. First class protein found in animal and animal products are a rich source of essential amino acid.

    Meat and offal's are prototype examples of first class protein. Fish is also another example. Excessive consumption of liver has been linked to excess vitamin A which may have toxic effects on the baby.

    If you have been exercising before conception and have no complications that make exercise unsafe during pregnancy, you can continue your program as comfort allows, taking extra care to avoid exercise in hot and humid conditions. And remember, a modest stroll seems to be about as effective for healthy weight gain as a brisk power-walk.

    Whatever it is you choose to do, consult your doctor before you start. Work in partnership with your doctor every step of the way. Don't go solo.

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