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    Sitting is Killing You

    Living a sedentary lifestyle is deadly. Sitting down in one place for hours be it in the office or in traffic is taking a toll on your health and cutting short your life. Sitting down slows down your metabolism, piles up fat and puts you at risk of a heart disease. There is a presentation on Daily Infographic shared below which tells the story in words and pictures. It is a massive wake up call. The damage too much sitting does to the body adds up, and one day you wake up with cardiovascular health problems. Do not sit in one position for too long. Stand up and walk around the office or stretch. When you pull into a filling station after driving for hours, come down and stretch, don't act cool behind the steering wheel.

    There is a condition called deep vein thrombosis or economy class syndrome which can lead to death. It afflicts those crammed into economy class seats in long haul flights who do not stand up and move around during the flight. A blood clot may form in an artery in one of the legs due to poor circulation. When the clot gets dislodged and transported towards the heart, it may clog an artery thereby constricting or stopping blood flow to the heart which can lead to death in some instances. A passenger arrives safely after more than 10 hours or more airborne, and then dies shortly afterwards.

    We need to make a conscious effort to stand up and move around in hourly intervals. In a long drive, stop at intervals for a stretch break. Restore blood circulation to the legs and other parts. At social occasions, stand up and move around, socialize. If you come back to find your chair taken, the person may have done you a whole lot of favor. Stand.

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