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    Alternate Hair Care Ideas

    With all the craze of “going green” many people are discovering they can get rid of some of their chemical filled hair dyes, and shampoos for more environmentally friendly options. People don't want to expose themselves or the environment to the chemicals any more so they are looking for alternatives.

    Check your local health food store. You may find a new option called a shampoo bar for your hair cleaning needs. These are not just your ordinary bars of Dove. A lot of care is put into creating a shampoo bar that will nourish hair. These shampoos are much more mild then store bought shampoos. They are created by saponifying many different oils to create soap. These bars of soap have a lot of glycerin in them, which is great for the hair and skin.

    Some people have had a lot of success using these sulfate and sulfite free shampoo bars. If you have soft water, it is easy to use these bars. If you live in an area with hard water, you may need to rinse your hair with a black tea rinse to remove any build up on your hair caused by the hard water.

    Some people are beginning to dye their hair with henna. If you like the color red, henna may be for you. When you use henna you get a red tint to your natural hair color. Make sure you are ready to be committed to red hair before you use henna because it is extremely permanent. The only way to get rid of the color is to cut your hair. People who use this plant have anywhere from a orange red color all of the way to almost purple. This is partially dependent on the color of your natural hair. The more you dye your hair with henna the richer and deeper your red becomes. People that have wild curly hair have reported that their curls have relaxed a bit once they used henna. And another constant comment was how much their hair shined.
    Red is the only color henna is capable of dying. If you see a package claiming to be brown or black henna don't purchase it. Dangerous chemicals are sometimes used with henna to create these colors. Make sure you look for body art quality henna also. This type of henna is the least likely to contain chemicals. If you like red hair, henna will give you a color that wont fade.

    It is always interesting to see what is happening in the Going Green trend. We will see if some of these alternatives catch on. These are certainly becoming more mainstream as this information is showing up more on blogs and forums all of the time. If you are interested, I would highly recommend reading some more on henna and shampoo bars.

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    This is some useful information but there are other options too that can be used for optimal results, if someone is going to use a synthetics or aesthetics then why not the organic and natural products solution for one's problems. Hair loss is mostly caused due to the continuous use of chemical products, I will recommend a less or equal to harmless product that is available in market, for example any hair product from the organic and natural body care products manufacturer, Pakistan based several brands are out there in the market and even on the internet,

    1- The Body Shop Pakistan
    2- Conatural
    3- The Organic Shop
    4- Aura-Crafts
    5- The Vitamin Shop

    Google them, read their most beneficial products and learn how they work, buy any certified organic product from any of them and you'll get to know the difference.

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