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    Ideas For Helping Kids Manage Stress

    Is your child dealing with a lot of stress? Are you unsure how to assist your child as he or she deals with anxiety? Try the following activities to help your child learn how to deal with stressful situations.

    Walk it out. When your child walks away from a stressful situation, he is simply empowering himself to disengage from a bad situation. Children have to learn how to deal with that fight or flight stress response they feel when stressed out. You can teach your child to take control of the situation by walking away, physically taking action to save himself. Instead, have him run or walk until he gets relief from the stress. If you teach your child the power of walking away and help him recognize the physical release of stress that accompanies physical activity, youll enable him with tools he can use on the playground and while playing with friends.

    Teach your child how to express and deal with stress through the use of art. Many children find it difficult to verbally describe a stressful situation, but they are able to vent via creative expression. Set your child up with a table of art supplies and ask her to create a picture that depicts how she felt in class (or whatever the stressful situation was). Let your child go in whatever direction she feels led, without telling her how to do it. She may draw a cartoon strip of something that happened at school or paint an abstract of bright colors. Open up the topic for conversation, but donít push anything.

    Help your child learn the therapeutic power of the written word. Your child may expressing himself better through writing than talking. Dedicate a journal to communication between you and your child; write notes to each other in it each day. Use the journal anytime you notice your child seeming especially stressed out, jotting him a note asking how hes doing and asking him to write back to you. Use this notebook as a communication tool. Use humor when appropriate, and investigate solutions through the shared notes.

    Take heart that you are teaching your children coping skills that will help them deal with stress for the rest of their lives.

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