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    What are Aromatherapy Health Benefits?

    You've heard of aromatherapy, but are wondering if its for real? Has anyone scientifically studied aromatherapy? It turns out there are several well-regarded studies on aromatherapy, some of which point to definite health benefits.

    Aromatherapy is the use of scent to stimulate your senses. In some cases you can evoke specific physical reactions in your body with the use of smell. This is because the sense of smell is so primal; when you smell something, a very primal space in your brain reacts without you putting a lot of thought into it. Thatís why you feel nostalgic when you smell your motherís perfume (even in a different location, on a different person) or freshly cut grass.

    One medical study proved that lavender evokes specific reactions in the body. The physical effect of lavender is to slow your heart rate and actually lower your blood pressure. You can request for lavender essential oil to be added to your massage oil, which is something professional massage therapists often do. Many geriatric units are starting to use lavender to calm and soothe dementia patients. Another option is geranium essential oil, since that also slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

    The scent of peppermint has also been studied scientifically. Peppermint sharpens your mental focus, enabling you to concentrate and feel alert. One particular study allowed kids to chew gum while answering questions on a test, and discovered that when kids chew peppermint gum, they score better.

    Grapefruit essential oil is rumored to act as an appetite suppressant. In one study, it was discovered that men who were asked to guess a womanís age after meeting her guessed her as younger if she was wearing grapefruit essential oils than if she wasnít wearing any scent.

    However, not all aromatherapy is equal. Your body wont have the same response to a synthetic product as an essential oil. And you'll want to choose high grade essential oils off the knock off low grade oils. For best results, buy a 100% natural, high quality essential oil and mix it into lotions and a base oil, such as almond oil.

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