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    Products banned for liver

    The liver, as the body exhibits exceptional performance. Unfortunately, poor diet and excess products that slow down your work, can lead to damage to this organ. There is a list of products that are best avoided to secure the natural prevention. And even though they are delicious, some are very hurt. Especially if people often complain of symptoms associated with liver.

    Fatty meat and fish from the dishes of meat and fish hard to part gourmets. Fatty red meats are the basis of many specialties. Before they land on our plates, usually they are tossed with batter and fried in a large amount of fat, which even enhances their bad health chances. Also in the case of poultry should be cautious - duck and goose also are classified as fatty meats. Selecting, in turn, fish, better to avoid species such as carp, herring, eel, mackerel, salmon, halibut, turbot, tuna and sardines in oil.

    Spices, Hot pepper, chili or horseradish, additives that perfectly turn up the taste of food, but at the same time They are not liver. Therefore, if we happen to suffer from liver problems, you should avoid spicy foods, especially Mexican or Hungarian. Spicy foods increase because the secretion of pancreatic juice and bile, which is irritating the liver. In strict diets, "liver" should also exclude pepper, curry, allspice, nutmeg and mustard.

    Sweets Although tasty and popular to consume in excess is not beneficial for our body. In addition to the effects in the form of excess unwanted weight, we must reckon with a deterioration in the condition of the liver. Forbidden are particularly candy, chocolate, pralines and chocolates. It is worth noting here that the worst affected products masquerading as a tasty chocolate, and where we find the composition of hydrogenated fats. Some types of bread For the sake of a healthy liver should control your intake of carbohydrates, including those assimilated while eating bread. It will be especially hard to digest fresh bread, warm and a greater quantity of rye bread and wholemeal.However, if you prepare wheat crackers, we can confidently be included in the diet.

    Fruits Adverse effects on the liver are primarily unripe and must be avoided. Furthermore, vigilance should be maintained as in the case of eating fruits that contain sorbitol. This chemical in individuals with a sensitive digestive tract may cause unpleasant symptoms, including bloating. Products, which contain this substance include apples, pears, plums, grapes and cherries. Interestingly, the liver does not serve the avocados consumed in excess.

    Drinks in the first place in this forbidden product group stands out alcohol. Consuming large amounts of alcoholic drinks leads to disorders of the liver, and ultimately serious damage to it. Beware should also be strong granular coffee and carbonated beverages.

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