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    The physical consequences of living in a permanent stress

    Stress prepares us to fight or to deal with a difficult situation. In a stressful situation, the heart starts to beat faster, sharpen the senses, improves concentration - we are motivated, we operate more efficiently. The problems begin when this state persists for several days - the body is not capable of long "pull" on the elevated speed. If you stick to compare machines, chronic stress causes overload subsequent circuits - the first corrupts those who are weakest. Stress weakens the resistance.

    Even if you usually do not have health problems, are under prolonged stress they may appear. According to the researchers, up to 80 percent.stress-related illnesses comes from a weakened immune system.

    This should be a simple reaction - the body almost constantly produces cortisol, decreased number of white blood cells. That is why so often people, which happened in my life something wrong or have a hard time at work, in addition to struggling with problems such as viral infections, bacterial or fungal infections. There is also increasing research involving cancer with a life of permanent stress. People suffering from chronic diseases more must be on guard than healthy, because excessive secretion of cortisol also affects the exacerbation of autoimmune disease, such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis and type-I diabetes.

    Digestive and stress - Do not stress this because you will have ulcers - it is often jokingly thrown sentence, heard many of us. In fact, the ulcer is the most common gastrointestinal disorder associated with stress. One of the causes is the formation of increased production of adrenaline, which negatively affects the mucosa of the digestive system. There is even talk of stress ulcers, which can occur in the body overnight, if it is exposed to a strong stimulus. Stress also causes seemingly minor ailments like heartburn, nausea, decreased appetite. In the long run, but they can lead to serious digestive disorders. The consequence of living in constant stress are also constipation, which, combined with poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle may contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids.

    The influence of stress on the heart , you know that stress can break the heart? Broken heart syndrome, which may be the cause stressful situation, confusingly similar to a heart attack. Fortunately, the causes are quite different - not about the narrowed or closed artery. Similar to caving symptoms are due to raise the level of adrenaline, which blocks the flow of calcium into heart muscle cells. Then they stop, they shrink and give troubling symptoms. After that episode back to health more quickly than after a heart attack, but fear can fill up no end. Prolonged stress causes hypertension, and since this has a simple way to serious cardiovascular problems. Also it raises cholesterol levels, which may be one reason for a real attack.

    How to fight stress?
    Prolonged stress would be best avoided. But we all know that it's not that simple. Certainly not be allowed to accumulate. But for this you need to find your own way. For some, the method for discharge will talk with a friend, the other a lonely walk through the forest. It should also take advantage of the hints and psychologists to take care of time to sleep, relaxation and physical activity. Any help cope with the stress your body will definitely appreciate it.

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