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    You do not have time for fitness classes? Find at least a few minutes a day to exercise at work

    Hours spent behind a desk, his eyes glued to the computer screen - it is everyday life of many people. When some people deal with everyday, walking after work to the gym or pouring sweat while running, others no longer have as much free time they leave the office. But just a few simple exercises while working to prevent unpleasant problems and lose weight .

    Working in an office can be tiring for the body. It seems that this is nothing compared to the physical work, but chained for so long to a chair and in one position, slowly is the cause of subsequent problems. Stiff neck, sore knees and spine, appearing varicose veins, and even hemorrhoids - is only part of a long list of problems faced by those who from 8 to 16 working glued to the chair.

    Numbs As convince the experts, our body anatomically is not adapted to a sitting position - what to speak of remaining in it for several hours. Sitting, spine charge more by half as compared to a standing position. Office workers frequently complain so back pain in the lumbar and cervical and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    According to recent research by TNS Poland as much as 91 percent. working behind the desk complaining of back pain, eye and neck. Lack of exercise is a nightmare Poles. He suffers spine, there are undue weight, and finally intestines stop working properly.More often mentions "lazy bowel syndrome," which means that gradually cease to function mechanisms responsible for defecation reflex, and it affects the whole body.

    The consequence of a sedentary lifestyle are also hemorrhoids, or excessive enlargement of veins in the anal canal. With time, more and more highlight, and then bake and sometimes bleed.

    Neglected body will slowly give up. But just a little office gymnastics to say goodbye to such a vision of unpleasant ailments.

    Buttocks up! Here's a set of few simple exercises you should perform the work and is not moving away from the desk (and by the way do not go crazy).

    Best Eight Exercises Which You Can Do Easily in Office or Home

    Exercise I : Sitting on a chair, crouch down and put your hands on the entire floor. After a few seconds, straighten your back and pull the blade. Perform 5 reps.

    Exercise II: Still sitting, pull your hands right knee to the body, hold for a few seconds and then lower. Likewise pull left knee. Repeat 5 times on each leg.

    Exercise III: Sit down so that the edge of the chair was in the middle of the thighs. Hands, grasp the edge of the desk. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lift up your knees. Hold for just a few seconds and lower legs. Perform 5 reps.

    Exercise IV: For this exercise it is necessary to swivel armchair. Sitting on it, hold hands edge of your desk, lift your legs to a height of a few centimeters, and follow the trunk turns to the left and right. Take turns 10 on each side.

    Exercise V: Sitting work hinders circulation and promotes the formation of leg edema. So keep in mind also performed the following exercises: sitting in a chair, straighten your right leg, lift it up slightly and staggered foot circles - 5 in one direction and 5 in the second. Lower the right foot and perform the same cardiovascular left foot.

    Exercise VI: Stand up straight. Weave your fingers and lift straight hands, palms to face the inner side up. Stretch the torso while lifting the toes. Hold for just a few seconds, relax your muscles for a moment and repeat the stretch. Repeat 5 times.

    Exercise VII: Rest your hands on the desk (it must be stable). Take a few steps back. Back and legs should form a straight line. Follow the pump, bending and straightening your elbows. Repeat 5 times.

    Exercise VIII: Standing straight, place your hands on the back of the hips and push it forward so that your back arch formed. Hold for 5 seconds, and so straighten your back.Repeat 5 times. The time you spend at work, you can use for toning the abdomen and buttocks. How? Just keep in mind their continuous tensioning.

    Initially this will require your focus, but over time it will become a habit, and after a few weeks you will feel that your abdominal muscles and ass are stronger and harder.

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