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    As soon as a child starts going to school the parents starts draining into his mind that, if he is son then he has to become an engineer and if a daughter then she has to persue a profession of doctor.These are two basic professions in nearly all the socities. One factor that i am sure off is that the doctors in and by gone olden days were much more experienced ans despite the lack of facilities and opportunities in comparision to the doctors of our modern and civilized society with myraid number of facilities and advanced technologies.
    The doctors of today(not talking about all but most of them) persue this profession for the sake of status and money. Students who enter in this profession have very high aims but i think... the spirit of dedication is lacking(in most of them) beacause they want to work in cities and in tjose so-called reputable hospitals but not in the villages.
    Students doctor lack. They do not have thirst of knowledge,vigour and dedication. Instead they have that money-oriented approach towards profession and statistical data shows that mostly girls opt for this profession and the end result is they get married, get settled in their life. No housejob, no practise, no nothing. Just a housewife like a graduate girl.
    Another aspect that is not negligiable is the carelessness of doctor. Media has clearly starting projecting innummerable cases. 1).the boy has to be operated for right leg but operation was done of left leg. 2).wrong injection was injected to the child and he died. Wrong diagnosis of the doctors is very common, even when the diagnosi is done after innumberable tests.
    Why i hate them is a question, and the answer is, these so-called experienced doctor's job is to give patients those expensive medicines for the advertisement of different pharma companies and so, these doctors makes their permanent patients and call them every week. Such kind of practise enables them to have big banglows in defence,big bank balance, and luxuriuos trips to Europe, and now, u know why i hate them becuase they have "no sympathy for patients, their money , their pain, their sufferings." That is not a myth or a madeup-exagerrated story. Thats all what i've observed, these are true facts and experience of my life.
    Now, the readers have to decide what should we call such indivisuals. The professionals? , the massiha for humanity? ,the saviours? Or??

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    Doctor we really need your services. and your treatments are so beneficial for us.
    please guide us to live healthy life in this criteria.
    thanks so much.
    mishal arif

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