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    Pain in the neck: Remove the burden from the shoulders

    Your head weighs about 6.5 kg. And your neck have to keep it in an upright position from day to day. On the neck have major load of soft muscles go numb and turn into iron and stiff rope. Nowadays, many people spend most of their time at a desk or in front of a computer, so the load on the different muscles of the body is uneven. Neck experiencing a lot of stress for a few hours. It is this part of the body most commonly affected in car accidents and sports injuries. Chronic neck pain appear if not recovered or injury as a result of constant stress and tension.

    Your acupuncturist should keep in mind the symptoms , which according to oriental medicine , indicate pain in the neck . For example, high humidity (heavy dull pain are activated in rainy weather), congestion (fixed, constant pain ), wind ( pain moves from one point to another). Depending on the symptoms and conditions, you should use different techniques: acupuncture, acupressure and diet. Pain in the neck that occurred for various reasons, was successfully treated by the techniques of oriental medicine .

    Get rid of neck pain

    Because you do not have to go to parties to the massage therapist every day, there are a few points that you can massage if you feel pain in the neck . Taking care of your body needs to maintain health, so a few simple exercises throughout the day during short breaks at work and deep breathing you will only benefit

    Place your hands on both sides of the jaw so that your middle fingers touch points GB-20 ("Pond wind") on the base of the skull. Tilt your head back slowly to the middle finger pressed on the formed cavity. Lower your head forward and begin to rub both sides of the spine in a circular motion. In this case, take deep breaths and hold your breath when you feel the painful point. Repeat the procedure several times.

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    Very Informative Article.....

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