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    Hallux Valgus, Halyus Valgus or Bunion Information & Symptoms

    Hallux valgus, or in Latin, halyus valgus, is actually a fairly common disease. Its also commonly known as Bunion. A bunion is when your big toe points toward the second toe. This causes a bump to appear on the outside edge of your toe.

    Most experts attribute the appearance of this disease with wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. Most observations also points to the influence of heredity and genetic factors on this deformation. Major role in the development / progression of valgus halyus dysfunction plays a ligament and lateral arches.Isolated valgus deformity I metatarsophalangeal joint (without the presence of the cross-flatfoot) was found only in 1.5% of cases.

    Trauma surgeon orthopedic allocate III level this nosology:

    ♦ I degree
    I finger deflected outwards by 15 degrees. with respect to the first metatarsal bone.
    ♦ II degreeI finger deflected outwards by 20 degrees. with respect to the first metatarsal bone.
    ♦ III degreeI finger deflected outwards by 30 degrees. with respect to the first metatarsal bone.

    Normally, this deviation is 10 degrees. Main symptoms in hallux valgus - a pain, especially while wearing a shoe that appears at the head of the first metatarsal bone due to compression. Also, often there is bursitis I metatarsal bone that is characterized by swelling and redness, often with the accumulation of joint (synovial) fluid. Orthopedic shoes that can be purchased by clicking on the link, is the basis of conservative therapy. In cases of mild (I) degree is enough paving roller below Spent corns. Massage, warm baths and physiotherapy reduce pain.
    Hallux valgus III and II in need of surgical intervention. There are about 150 varieties of surgical treatment. The question of the validity and need for surgery solves orthopedist and traumatology.
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