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    How to brush your teeth

    According to the specialists and experts the WHO (World Health Organization) around 95-five percent of adults have on the planet celebrate periodontal disease.

    Periodontics, gingivitis, tooth decay are the main causes of early loss of teeth in humans. One of the reasons for the spread of these diseases is that many people do not know how to brush their teeth. Yes! Its true unfortunately. But let me discuss what I found on internet and sharing with you to be careful and take necessary steps to make your teeth shiny and healthy medically.

    From that moment there was one of the first toothbrushes, dental proposed various methods of cleaning teeth. Method Stillman, Charter, Reita, Smith-Bell, Bass FONES - this is not the full list of existing methods of cleaning teeth. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what the dentist to see the patient's mouth, it recommends a specific proper brushing technique.

    But nowadays developed standard procedures and special cleaning of the teeth that help you cope with the main objectives of the hygienic measures. The tasks include, in addition to a thorough cleansing the teeth, the elimination of plaque between the teeth and massaging gums.

    The standard procedure for proper brushing teeth

    ♦ Hold the toothbrush with a slope of 45 degrees.
    ♦ Begin brushing when toothrows not closed.
    ♦ Begin brushing the buccal surface of the upper jaw.
    ♦ Take 10 movements, and then do the same on the other side.
    ♦ The inner surface of the teeth (facing the tongue) is cleaned by back-and-forth movements in the horizontal and vertical planes.
    ♦ Make sure to clean the chewing surface of the teeth.
    ♦ Brushing must be done 10 - 15 movements on each side, in the direction of "brushing out of one's mouth".
    ♦ Do it all for cleaning the teeth on the lower jaw.
    ♦ When cleaning the front teeth, brush is perpendicular dentition.
    ♦ Cleaning the teeth ends massaging the gums, which is carried out at a serried teeth. Massaging is held in a circular motion.

    Proper brushing takes at least 3 mins. To clean the teeth in the inter-dental spaces, toothbrush must be bundled by using a special dental floss.

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    This is very informaitve sharing and i get very much information from it .

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    wow thats nice tips....

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    Yeah it is truly an amazing tips for us...

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    Yeah but mostly peaople brushed in only one or less than 1- minute....

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    Very Good Procedure... good information...

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