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    Best Vape Starter Kit for Beginners

    Entering the world of vaping can be a bit too intimidating. As a beginner, it is easy to get detracted because there are so many options available to choose from. Choosing the right vape starter kit is important so that one can enjoy the process of vaping and at the same time, use a device and accessories that are suitable as per one’s preferences and needs.

    The right choice in terms of the starter kit as well as a place from where one purchases it has a huge impact on the vaping experience. Therefore it is recommended that one must only rely on trusted vape sellers like Artisan Vape Pakistan in this regard. Here are a few tips that should be considered while looking for e-cigarettes and vape juices.

    Size of Vape:

    If you are switching from smoking to vaping, it is natural for you to find even the heavier as compared to the traditional ones. Moreover, the smaller vapes are unable to produce ample vape to satisfy the needs of a habitual smoker. Therefore it is recommended you opt for a medium sized device that would be strong enough to provide an enhanced vaping experience.


    Safety should be your first concern when looking for a vape starter kit. Ensure that you are investing in a high-quality kit that can carry vape mods properly. The battery should be secure, and the body of the vape must be rust proof. Rather than investing in a cheap low-quality vaping device, it is recommended to buy a high-quality vape kit that can last longer.


    The capacity of a vape refers to the amount of e-liquid it can hold at a time. The preference for capacity is relative and varies from person to person. If you are someone who is a habitual smoker and wishes to switch to vaping, a device with a larger capacity should be your priority, but in case you are an absolute beginner, even a device with a smaller capacity will be ample.

    Best Starter Kits in the Market:

    As a beginner, there are many starter kits that are available in the market. The best vape can be easily found at almost all the leading vape and e-cigarette dealing stores. The devices vary in terms of capacity, size, quality, and design, etc. so one can pick the ones that best suit their needs. Here are some recommended starter kits:

    • NAKED 100 POD System:

    The Naked 100 POS system is indeed a notable mention when looking to buy the best vape Pakistan. It is a complete kit that comes with four variations of pods, a USB charger, a 250mAh battery, and the vape device itself. The powerful battery ensures that the user can enjoy up to 200 puffs on a single charge. The 4-stage LED light that indicates the battery level of the pod system is also a commendable feature that makes it convenient to use. The amazing flavors included in the kit make a preference for the people who are beginning to vape but want a flavorful experience.

    • Suorin Vagon Ultra Portable Kit:

    If you are looking for a portable yet high-quality vape starter kit, then the Suorin Vagon Ultra Portable Kit must surely be an option to consider. It has an adequate juice capacity of 2ml and comes with a 430mAh battery. The battery indicator is an added feature that makes it stand out from the other kits. Another feature of the device is its curvy design which makes it extremely attractive and elegant. There are several color variations to choose from.

    • Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit:

    If one is looking for a compact and small-sized device which can offer a high-performance vaping experience, then it is needless to say that the Vapresso Revenger Mini Starter Kit is the best option. The user can choose from seven output modes as per preference. Moreover, the additional features such as puff counter, temperature control, and OLED display, etc. are features that add to the value of the kit. A powerful battery of 2500mAh allows vaping over a longer time period. Even the design and styling of the vape is sleek and extremely attractive. Thus it is a perfect starter kit and is also within an affordable price range.

    • SMOK RESA Stick 2000mah Starter Kit:

    The SMOK RESA stick is a pen styled vape that is not only stylish and sleek but has unmatched vitality and strength as well. It is the most preferred vape kit for the ones who need a larger vape strength. Not only does the stick offer massive vape strength but it also comes with an impressive 7.5ml vape liquid tank. The powerful 2000mAh battery will keep the stick functioning for a longer time and the adjustable air control allows the vaper to customize the vape experience. From the textured design to the powerful functioning, the SMOK RESA stick kit is surely recommended for all beginners.

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