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    Mystery Shopping

    Mystery shopping also known as secret shopping, is high in demand, especially in the UAE where the market is diversified and the SME are in a huge number from one emirate to the other. Mystery or Secret shoppers are able to conduct surveys and make reports easily regardless of the nationality they are or what language they speak because of the diversified environment.

    Mystery shopping is a fun and exciting job, the idea of completing tasks in a Store, a Library, a Restaurant or a hospital where the customer is interacting with the seller, earns compensation for the efforts put in is something that sounds attractive to many.
    Ever wondered what really is involved in these assignments?

    What are mystery shoppers?
    Let’s take an example of a retail store; shopping at a store, mystery shoppers will usually have a conversation with the customer service representatives present on duty and involve them with a large number of questions which a customer would have. Which would usually be followed by the mystery shopper completing their report that would be inclusive of predefined tasks such as, Service provider’s knowledge, helpfulness, tidiness etc. The reports are to be sent to the client in the predefined time-span.

    Benefits of hiring a mystery shopper
    According to a research conducted, mystery shopping increases a business’s profit by more than 9%.

    When a representative of the business know that the mystery shoppers conduct survey at the place of his representation the number of products or services increases.

    Business compliance evaluation with multiple-policies is one of the major roles of a mystery or secret shopper. Major businesses have multiple locations (Franchise/Stores/ Branches) which have their policies and a defined appearance where the services or products are available to sell, so even if the mystery shopper is working for your brand or business, the shopper would evaluate your business ni terms of the policy by the branch or franchise abide to.

    Modern takes on mystery shopping
    It’s an era of advanced technology, mystery shoppers are now more easily accessible than ever and it is easy to connect the mystery shopper as a consumer to your business.

    There are multiple apps that refer to as “Mystery Shoppers” or “Shopping Assignments” etc, there could be a chances of a fraudulent activities which will not compensate the shopper for their activities and assignments that were conducted. It is always better to meet the assignment provider in person or have a contract signed against the mystery shopping services that the shopper would provide.

    It is a two-way street when it comes to assignments likes such and the shopper and the assignment provider would be on the same page in terms of the result that is required.

    The modern days let you stay in constant contact with the provider of the assignment and if there are required changes at the time of the secret shopping the shopper could be updated in the moment itself.

    Mystery shopping companies in UAE
    There are multiples companies that hire mystery shoppers as a part-time and full-time employee since the mystery shopping in high in demand. Gomystery.com, a brand by ADAM Global is one of the very few mystery shopping services provider for small and medium to large scale business and have mystery shoppers from over 40 nationalities which gives GoMystery an edge over other service providers since the diversified environment requires shopper from multiple cultures and backgrounds.

    GoMystery.com has been in UAE since over 10 years and is one of the pioneers of Mystery shopping in the UAE.

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