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    Self-realization in the job? Keep dreaming!

    Self-realization in the job - wishful pie-jobbers or real opportunity for satisfaction and personal success in business?
    Self-realization is for many employees today measure of their career. To unfold and do what makes them fulfilled and in job satisfaction. They strive for independent freedom employment, self-directed work on a long leash and results-oriented leadership takes control in presence culture. They yearn for the highest possible degree of independence in a system that they still offer maximum security.

    But this is at all provided in our working world?

    Brave new world of work? For risks and side effects, contact your employer!

    The picture that is conveyed to us by the modern world of work, depending on your perspective is the bogey or great opportunity - or about both in one? Freedom and flexibility should prevail, such as the organization of working time, new career models or career choices themselves. Education and training systems with equal opportunities for everyone, after all, added every year around 500 new courses at German universities. Gender equality, diversity and appreciative promotion of employees to old age. So the beautiful theory by which today advertises virtually any employer who is on staff Fang.

    They attract the graduates of supposedly sophisticated generations with flexible hours, home office, training opportunities, exciting team events and a lot of fun outside of work. They promise varied activities, an uncomplicated relationship with each other and diverse opportunities to contribute their ideas. Plus drinks and organic fruit free for all. Not enough on top, there's the smartphone for "private" use.
    Sounds excellent, right? Yes, trendy New Work or federal counterpart Works 4.0 sound really like a lot of fun at work. And well, that it is perhaps in some hip startup, the digital or creative industry or new gegründetem think tank offshoots otherwise bone-dry corporations who have recognized that innovation does not thrive in fear culture.

    Yes, the little ones what do I see how all the companies to drop their entire hierarchies and thus guide and henceforth coordinate all democratically by the show of hands, including the decision as to whether the toilet paper three or four layers, floral or should be uni. You are conducting a group-wide duress You and abolish the tie required. You get the press attention as a pioneer. I see how they change from one day to the many years organized by Excel list projects on agile, and suddenly everyone thinks to be able to arbitrarily somehow turn at any point screw times. And I see people who are overwhelmed with all this completely because they suddenly take on responsibilities yourself, and such decisions are to meet that they have been let sure sign off to the chief.

    The Beautiful new world? - Or acute health hazard for people who so quickly can not deal with these changes? But all that really with the aim of making work healthier employees to do good, to bind them and, of course - do not forget to compete to survive in the complex digital world of work tomorrow.

    Say what you really important ..?

    Two weeks ago, then made a survey among students for furor, after long 32 percent of them then, after graduating officers in the civil service to be. The civil service as a dream job for young professionals?
    My first thought was that they do not know what they are doing. Yes, young people want security in a job, which went out of my career study shows. But how does the result to the image of the just freedom and independence loving young generations? Will it create this career ambitious graduates to integrate into rigid structures and deep hierarchies? Will they enjoy it, to be grouped regardless of talent, skills and personal commitment in publicly available tariffs? Do they like to work instructions, DIN standards, and PC systems that are not designed for efficiency, but to legally compliant processes?

    Or am I in the wrong film and the claims have already changed so much that the private sector in the war for talent their employees the future with today unattractive prices lures? Are organic fruits and Foosball tables again out and instead sterile linoleum and daylight bulbs in urban, secure lifetime officials in office? If the reputation of German Bank, VW & Co. Now so ruined that even as a top employer and the dazzling business cards powerful brands have no value at more graduates the many awards?

    Even if I draw here is what currently is happening in the labor market and job seekers, somehow paradoxical. It seems, as had developed among employees and applicants own dynamics, characterized by strong individual values and goals, but at the same time a high level of uncertainty (blindness?) At the orientation for the right, own way.

    Although the desire for individual freedom and room for maneuver in professional Tun is still existent, we are increasingly an integral part of a work environment, which will be less and less able to allow this freedom and flexibility.
    Employees now work more alienated. They lack the time for self-realization.
    Let's look into the German corporate landscape. Around 16 million people are employed in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), about 3.5 million workers are employed at DAX companies.Whether large corporations or hardware Müller around the corner, workers should work. They are the engine of the economy and despite digitizing the human capital will long be one of the main factors of production. And even for HR departments, it is but in the end to the economically viable use of resources. All the more, the greater the competition and the economic pressure in markets.
    And this pressure will continue to rise because product life cycles are with increasing technicality getting shorter, the former cash cows of competitive advantage through real innovations are becoming leaner in global markets. Companies that have plumped for decades her so crumbling operating profit by whopping investment gains must search the persistently low-interest rates according to entirely new sources of shareholder value.

    Self-realization in the job? - Sorry, no time!

    • What is it today in your diary in office?
    • How many meeting invitations do you receive every week without asking your colleagues who time something to discuss with you again?
    • How much time do you have as a manager, to take care of the development of your employees, let alone strategically work content in the development of your area?
    • How strong you are clamped by your bosses and obliged often prefer to do meaningless tasks until yesterday urging and in your view?
    • How often do you feel in ad hoc meetings, video conferences at 5 am transversely scheduled through the world or on late Friday afternoon project meetings, that the world will not turn tomorrow without you?
    • How much time do you for all that in addition to the profession, which is also important?

    Yes, I paint aware black here. Maybe it's the extreme cases that happen to me in coaching. But while the intimate desire for freedom, flexibility, and self-realization of employees and executives is getting bigger in my perception, the options for doing so in the workplace are becoming increasingly scarce. At least as most of the staff is on the way in their jobs today. Because here, the higher the timing and speed, the less freedom in the here and now pausing to reflect existing and new paths to explore.

    Only the self-responsibility, then the self-realization.
    Digitization and globalization are good for our economy and us as employees, entrepreneurs and consumers. Dynamics, timing and speed of the outer drive growth and progress and should be accepted as given.
    We are the ones who have to learn instead of demonizing the modern workplace, including their links to deal with it healthy. With more composure and curiosity, a new attitude to ourselves and our environment over with more tolerance for errors and the regained competency to want to make decisions for ourselves and our lives.

    Flexibility and freedom for more personal fulfillment at work are only one-morning reap, today consciously self-assumes responsibility, instead of being determined by others and drive down move on the torrent of daily job madness.
    No, it's not about the step into self-employment as a symbol of unlimited freedom. Every employee now has many ways deliberately targeted to assume greater responsibility and a way to go, which matches their values and goals in business and life. That's the right thing about the many possibilities that can offer today the world of work.

    Do you want to be back to the boss of your life?

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