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    Today’s moral values reasons to fall and ways to stand up

    By looking at our society now it has become clear that we are going away from our social and moral

    values and we are not ashamed of it. In fact we are getting used to it in a very satisfied way as it is a part

    of our society. We were entering in a new era in which we are forgetting about our culture. It is not only

    foreign culture but also the effect of media on our thinking.

    In past talking about several things were not ethical but now openly discussing about everything is

    considered as a sign of boldness. In covering of bold behavior we are getting close to rudeness and in

    our society to help out any one else is now considered as a part of some selfishness. If someone is doing

    any good to any one in any way people think that might he is having some benefit from that person.

    Old homes are a clear example of such behavior that we are keeping our elders away from our matters

    saying that it is our personal matter. This culture has been adopted from western society. Being

    modernize is not a big issue as everybody has right to be progressed. But being westernize is not a pint

    to be away from our culture which is in depth cutting our roots from our basis. Being young we think

    that we know most of knowledge spreading around us but experience has no competitor.

    East has a closed civilization which has a reason that being related to all matters of one another we get

    involved with one and getting experience about different matters our social sense gets enhanced. It

    helps to get advertised the culture values. World is now a days so called global village but people are

    even unaware of their own socialites. In a wish to get close to other’s culture and social status we are

    getting away from our own values.

    So in order to keep our moral values alive it is necessary to be contented to our values. Give importance

    to our social and ethical behavior which will help us to maintain our selves alive on the world page.


    Written by: Ayesha Akhtar Butt

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