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    Women Empowerment

    Women are most fascinated creature of the world. It has present so many relationships in it; a mother, grandmother, wife, sister etc. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said:
    To educate a woman is like you have educated the whole generation.
    The brief review of history reveals those horrible facts and figures of treatment with women in the past. If we see just before 1400 years ago, women were like animals or it is more suitable to say that they were staged below animals. They were considered as mistake of the mother when there was a birth of baby girl. This view and thoughts were in world till long time. With the advent of ISLAM women were started considering as the functional part of the society. They were given rights and duties as well as considering the world or in religious point of view. They participated in motion of society and showed that without the co-operation of the women society will not attain prosperity and success in the human race.
    With the view of modernized world we observe that women with their abilities and hard work challenging men in every field of life whether itís a sports, education, IT, Office work, Research etc. But there we also perceive that in populated countries or countries of third world women is still staged at second mortal. They are abridged from their basics rights and they have to work like Buffalo of field all day long. No doubt world is entered into the phase of decorum and extreme glory. But where we are heading with this revolution if we are unable to deliver basic rights to splendor of world. Talking about the conduct with women in third world countries. Lots of cases of throwing Acid on women reveal every day and no such action is taken to compensate with such incidents. Rape, murder on honor, hitting with sticks, kidnapping and other acts are so common across the globe. With such revolution all things happening reveals the orthodox thinking of man, we are still in mode of thinking that our ancestors had. We still thought women are at the foot of man and born as a servant for whole family as well as society. Why such type of events is still experienced by women? Why women are deprived from their basics right? Why women are still measured as the servant of man? Why this modernization not removing such concepts? After doing much study the fact that is the cause of such incidents is illiteracy and restricted mode of thinking.
    Here the question rises up. How these types of incidents are to be minimized? How we are all able to do justice with the women? When we are agreed to give proper rights of the women? When women can take part in every field of life as men? When woman did got courage and bravery to do anything? When our women get self-confidence? These are the questions that are creating black spots on the white sheet of world evolution and affluence. United Nations Organization and other Sub-groups are also working under the mission statement to empower women in all fields of life. There are lots of projects are under completion to facilitate women. Woman is the most creative personality in globe. We people are afraid that if women get awareness of their rights and privileges than they will fight for them and the traditional treatment will be removed. We want that woman in our house is not more than a servant and she only needs food to live not even proper rest and recreation. Various non-profit organizations are working on this project but the working is slow particular in third world countries. We males thought that if females get power than they will deprived from their rights. But they donít know that if society is well-educated than they will entertain the aspects of life more sweetly. Now-a-days we see that in 1st & 2nd world countries women are participating in every aspect of life and competing to make a mark. But the main population is in the 3rd world countries and women are restricted

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