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    Effects of Media on Youth (Cause & Effects Article)

    Effects of media on youth (cause & Effect)

    We, as the part of information age, are known to different kinds of media such as T.V, internet, audio, video and print type media, which is influencing us in positive as well as in negative way. In this age of modernism, in which we developed media for our development, success and ease, it’s the matter of regret that unfortunately we have become the victim of our own creativity. In this essay I will tell you about how different causes of media effects our life positively and negatively.

    First of all I would like to explain some major negative effects of media on our youth as well as youngsters. The television, which is the central tool for advertisement and spreading non-social behaviors among the children. According to recent research 70% of youth and youngsters even don’t know while watching the commercials that is it an advertising commercial or an advising commercial. They tend to try what the commercial is prohibiting them to do. Modeling shows, which are influencing our teen girls, according to latest research 20% girls after 10 years of age become diet conscious and 60% of 14+ girls fell prey to excess dieting and become victim to various health disease due to malnutrition. Girls of middle class follow their role models and wants to wear what they wear, want to eat what they eat and when their parents get failed to provide them all those facilities eventually these girls become victim to violent behaviors, disobedience to parents and aggression. Producers of dramas and cartoons for youth and youngsters don’t dare to care about the content they are displaying on air, hence, these immoral contents in dramas and movies and cartoons riddled with scenes of violence effects the behaviors mentality and way of thinking and perspective of youth and youngster which leads to disadvantageous society.

    Now the print media, novels are playing worst role in damaging the perspective of thinking, morality, emotional and social behaviors of youth. There are different kinds of novels, not all novels are bad for youth, only romantic, action, and those focusing the negative perspective of society are disadvantageous for youth, but still some writers are writing good novels for improving the morality of youth. in print media we see daily newspaper in which only 10 % content is valuable containing current issues but remaining 80% is about fashion, celebrities personal lives there make ups, there breakups, their marriages and divorces and again new affairs, horoscopes which are detracting youth from the Islamic beliefs which teaches us to trust Allah and not to predict the future , fake Aalim baba’s who challenge to change the lives of people by their magic, and last but not the least fake news of murders actions and like these which effects youth’s mentality very badly.

    Now the internet, which is now, become the central necessity of every family, but besides its advantages we have corers of disadvantages of internet few of them I’m going to mention in this paragraph. Internet has become the open platform for the youth to download and watch whatever they want to, they don’t care whether the content is hazardous to their morals or not. Even in the Islamic countries the porn websites are not banned and if they are banned somewhere then the antidote is also available to unblock that site. The pornographic websites, immoral movies, action movies, immoral non-Islamic animated cartoons for children and immoral games such as “call of duty”, “hit Man” and “auto grand theft” and besides these there are many other animated games showing actions killing of human beings and nudity.. All these causes effects youth behaviors and minds. Because of porn videos, the act of sex is becoming normal among youth causing unwanted pregnancies and worst diseases. Kissing, hugging and romantic moments exposed in even family movies are teaching youth that these are normal but in fact kissing and all such things which looks normal to youth eventually leads to heavily immoral act of sex leading to destruction of lives. Animated immoral games including action, horror and nudity showing games affecting the innocent minds of children from very early stages making them aggressive violent and teaching them that handling guns killing people are so normal and because of these issues, many real cases of children caught bringing guns in schools killing their opponents are coming on scene. At social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, skype and Viber the opposite sex friendship cause emotional injuries to the youth causing violence and aggressive behaviors and even suicide attempts in the society.

    Now I would like to tell you some causes of media effecting youth positively or can affect the youth positively anyway, television not only display in the bad content some Islamic channels such as “Q T.V” which is teaching and preaching Islam on air, further more daily news updates about current international and national affaires helping youth to have knowledge about their country and this knowledge also helping them in passing some civil exams.

    Internet is an open gate of education for those students who use internet for education purposes. Internet is helping students for their assignments, getting excess knowledge on every topic. Social sites are helping students and teachers for having interaction with each other. Viber tweeter Facebook, skype and all such sites are helping youngsters to have communication with their parents who are living away from them.

    Overall, media is effecting youth in both good and bad ways, it depends how people use it. Development in technology was brought for helping human being, the purpose was not to hurt the morals, behaviors, attitudes of society. All this came up on scene by ourself so only we can remove these evil acts from society by forcing government to block pornographic websites from our society, to block antidotes to unblock such sites, to block action games in the country, to block those cartoon channels which don’t set on our Islamic values to protect the innocent minds of our children, to teach the parent to have look on their children when they provide them with the facility of internet or computer, to punish the writers who write immoral contents. By doing these efforts we can protect our society to fell prey to evil side of world.
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