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    Becoming a Guarantor is a Serious and Responsible Step

    Purchase of machinery, getting bank loan, apply for credit cards, automobile, apartment or house for many it is possible only due to the design of credit. As a rule, giving a large loan, the banks require the obligatory presence of the guarantor. Who will play the role of the latter - it does not matter.

    The main thing is that it is able to vouch for the financial borrower. And when you are drawn to a best friend, brother, sister - how can you refuse? Later that consent can lead to serious trouble. Even if you are one hundred percent sure that the person for whom you are charged, can still be force completely, and then that you will be responsible for credit obligations.

    Most common situation - the borrower lost his job. In such a case, the bank has the right to appeal to you to demand payment of credit fees. Unsubscribe when you do not have this law. Do not agree to pay - the bank will transfer the case to court, which will decide not to your advantage. You will have to pay all full - and loan payments and interest charges.

    In the event of your cancellation will be made ​​an inventory of your assets and accounts of the place of work will be deducted from your pay the necessary funds. A different situation where the borrower is simply impossible to find. Will come again to you and will act according to the above scenario. However, there is one caveat - the bank must notify you of the debt within one year of its inception. If later, the guarantee will terminate automatically. Upon the death of the borrower's obligations under the debt transferred to the insurance company or the successors: many banks are now one of the conditions of the loan is the design of the policy.

    The event is also a situation where the borrower renews, for example, a loan to another person, then the surety is also automatically removed. No one has the right to require you to vouch for the new borrower. Sometimes more, and so that the guarantor does not know the real value of debt. It can be much more than you expected. This means that you are not familiar with the contents of the credit agreement, or you simply misinformed.

    Then you can go to court to challenge the decision of sponsorship. The contract is repealed. All of these issues are also addressed during the year. If you do not report an increase in the loan, and you can safely go to court to protect their rights. But what if the situation is that still have to pay someone else's debt? How to compensate for at least some of the money spent? The bank may have as collateral a country house, apartment, car borrower. And when you have paid the debt, can make a request to return the money spent from the value of the collateral.

    Okay, think twice through and weigh all the pros and cons when you have to make a decision on bail. Because if the paying party is unable to pay, you have to clear all the debts on your behalf.

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