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    Different Types of Baby Strollers

    Parents always get worry for their baby, specially if its the first one. Taking babies out for mothers is a tough thing but for fathers is more than that. Let's see what kind of baby strollers are there in the market, their advantages and disadvantages.
    Types of baby strollers


    Carriage Strollers

    This stroller from our childhood with you, which is essentially a cradle on thin but large in diameter wheels.
    The advantage of the cradle is that the child in it can be a good sleep. Now there are cradles, which are transformed into a stroller that is great for older children.
    The disadvantage is their considerable weight, cost, low flexibility, as the wheels are generally fixed to the axis.

    Sport and jogging

    Jogging or Sport Strollers

    Stroller has a lightweight frame and three mid-size wheel.
    Advantages: This variety is perfect for jogging , brisk walking and hiking in the absence of good roads. Most of these strollers have a brake system that will be useful in the development of a speed exceeding 10 km / h
    Disadvantages: Of course, the price, and low maneuverability, and therefore they are perfect for running.


    All-terrain Strollers

    This is a "jeep" for the child. Ideal for walking out of a good road: outdoors, in parks, hike , etc.
    Advantages: A large number of related accessories and robust wheels of large radius. For the price they get cheaper "sport of cross-country."
    Disadvantages: Most of the models has a lock on the front wheels, making mobility is greatly reduced. This makes shopping trips nearly impossible.


    Umbrella Strollers

    The title, as they say, speaks for itself. This stroller can take shape in the likeness of an umbrella, walking sticks, with one hand.
    Benefits include first of all the price since this species is very cheap, and the practicality of a crazy (you can safely go with her in public transportation, shopping, etc.).
    Disadvantages canes also available. The back of her fixed, and therefore the children up to 6 months, for which sleep is very important, it will not work.


    Lightweight Strollers

    This, in principle, a modified cane that has a lot of "bells and whistles" and increased functionality.
    The advantages of lightweight strollers are that they are able to easily display and put, as they should gear stick. Also, they have, as we have already said above, all kinds of "bells and whistles" - kapyushonchik from the sun, baskets, very robust wheels, etc.
    The drawback, by and large, can only be called a price, as they are all models of wheelchairs are often not cheap. For example, you can see the prices of strollers cam of this type by clicking on the link.

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    Second One is Perfect..... I have one for my child....

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    I don't think Strollers is Good thing, we should keep touch our children with our heart, You know what I mean, It has unlimited benefit , Any way your life, your thoughts, who I am..?

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    Agree with your comments but womens in house having no more hours to carrying children everytime. Womens in house needs rest due to daily routine at home. it is very good option like baby troller where kids feels good to enjoying a ride.
    Originally Posted by alikazmi View Post
    I don't think Strollers is Good thing, we should keep touch our children with our heart, You know what I mean, It has unlimited benefit , Any way your life, your thoughts, who I am..?

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