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    Of Seals, Goats and Valentine's Day

    Olenka cooed with the handset that special honey voice that every woman, when she speaks to her husband in the presence of colleagues. Syrup poured around the room, filling all space, tickled the nostrils vanilla flavors and left the lips caramel taste happiness of others, carefully packaged in annoyingly rustling foil. Valentine's Day with the battle breaks out in the harsh city of metallurgists.
    The first was his teens, begging money on pink postcard and paper hearts. Students caught up in confusion Copy younger brothers in the open expression of his sympathy and rushing to a favorite with the obligatory rose in his teeth. But serious adults who did not give up under the pressure of overseas love nonsense, traditionally hoarding power and resources to the ideologically correct and inevitable male and female holidays.
    Yes, the people of reinforced concrete was in the nineties. in the women's team, where I, snotty intern, came to comprehend the intricacies of life, traditions, sacred honor. And what could be a free-thinking among the ladies, grow into a specialist in one chair, and with the same chair escorted to retire? But there is always someone that bringing new and unknown, and it was Faye Reagan, has always considered himself a progressive woman, fighting prejudice. hung up, she proudly looked at his colleagues. A romantic dinner with her ​​husband was in his pocket, and, more importantly, is declared in the team.

    Department Head, butter-soft lady with nemalenkim family experience, sighed: "Youth, romance! All you easy!" Olga, realizing that it was her finest hour, blandly advised, "You just try to call her husband." Perspective call her husband to the plant and, cut off from salvation production, say something about the seals and goats, not the poor woman very happy, but that can make the power of persuasion! All department it was modified depending on the family experience of the object, to rehearse, and within half an hour we listened with bated as, blushing and stumbling, the mother of the family chattered in a tube magic words. "So what?" - We barely waited until the conversation is over.
    "He said - House talk, Val!" - Said department head, grabbed a piece of paper with speech and with unusual agility she left the office. After lunch, walking down the hall, out of all the doors, I heard something about the seals and goats. Only a few of the ladies in the smoking room, smiling contemptuously, expressed their disapproval towards these broody. These ladies were above all nonsense and could not wait to seal only filled trays and a goat broke back in the last five years. Valentine triumphantly entered the house.

    " And on this day each of his kitty cat, each goat goat gives her a present. .. "

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