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    Drivers do not know how to use fog lights. Here are the most common mistakes

    The autumn season means that on the road more often you encounter fog - especially early morning and late evening. In this case, use fog lights, but many drivers do not know how to do it properly, and the error may result in dazzling other road users and mandate.

    Each car is equipped with a mandatory in at least one rear fog light. According to the regulations, the driver must turn them in when visibility drops below 50 meters. This distance must judge for themselves and can help in this stakes placed by the roadside. There are no lights on the fog is one of the most common mistakes made by drivers in the autumn. The second is forgetting it off when visibility improves. Rear fog lamps, like the road, do not have shutters restricting the flow of light, which means that they can easily dazzle other road users. Fog is rarely doing equal long-distance density, which means that the director should constantly adjust the lighting of the car for the conditions. There is nothing wrong with that at the moment turn on and off the rear fog lamp to avoid dazzling other drivers. If weather conditions require it, so that you have to follow.

    In a situation where control does not turn the rear fog lights when visibility is poor, he faces fine of 50 USD and 2 penalty points. However, if forgets to turn it off after entering the zone thinner fog, provided the penalty is 25 USD and also 2 penalty points.

    Not mandatory, but very useful car accessories are front fog lights. However, they act differently than the rear. In this case, as the light beam, a beam of light is directed downward, and therefore, contrary to popular belief, they do not dazzle drivers coming from the opposite direction to a particularly great extent (shine a little brighter, but not in the eyes). Therefore, the provisions concerning them are different than in the case of the rear lights.

    Front fog lights, the driver, can switch in conditions of reduced transparency of the air, however, is not specified visibility at which this should be done. This means that without the risk can be turned on earlier than the rear - when we see that worsened visibility. Also, the rules allow the use of front fog lamps in the dark on twisting roads marked with A-3 "dangerous curves" and a sign T-6 - "tortuous path." However, keep in mind that it should not be included in other conditions - to serve the low beam or daytime driving. Driving with headlights turned on in a situation where not permitted by law, is not as dangerous as in the case of the rear lights, but is subject to the same penalty - 25 USD and 2 penalty points.

    Many drivers unnecessarily afraid of dazzling other road users the front fog lamps, on the other hand, they forget to turn off the rear. How to remember that the headlights may disturb other road users? Just look at the control. Front fog lamps are marked in green, and the beams are directed downward while the rear, which can blind other drivers have the yellow control, and the rays are drawn horizontally - as in the case of traffic lights.

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